The name Virtual Private Network i.e VPN what does it implies or

What is a VPN?

Let’s have the answer with this small and basic guide to VPN…


Virtual Private Networking allows a collection of networks or computers to connect with each other using the Internet quite securely and safely.

To get more about the topic let’s take an example:

If you have a computer/network in Delhi and another computer in New York and you want to connect both the networks securely then the use of VPN comes to play.

Now after the safe connection you can now transfer files and data safely here & there, watch out videos, surf the Internet without any fear of loosing the identity.

In short, a VPN is capable of establishing a Point-to-Point connection between the networks sitting apart which is also known as the point-to-point tunneling Protocol (PPTP) .

I’m sure we all have heard about types of computer networks in our school, they are the LAN, MAN, WAN. From this I want to say that a VPN = a WAN ( Wide Area Network).

Importance of a VPN

A VPN is such a technology developed by developers in which data transfers becomes secure and safe. If you are using a VPN, then for sure you can transfer files without thinking about any illegal activities to happen.

A VPN completely protects and secures your computer’s Internet connection and assures that the data you are transferring to the other network is completely encrypted and intact from all other pirates. The VPN also creates a firewall between the user and the server for safe delivery of content.

That’s the main reason why big businesses, organization prefer Virtual Private Networking in their offices and for their personal use is just safety and security in data transfer.

A VPN also provides security and preservation to the private & public networks like Wifi Portable Hotspots, World Wide Web and many other.

How a VPN works ?

A VPN provides high class security as it follows a very intelligent and smart trick to keep data encrypt and safe from all others.  In Virtual private Networking, the user’s default IP address is changed and the VPN service provider provides a default IP address to the user.

Using this trick the user can achieve any IP address from any of the gateway city the VPN service provider provides.

Let’s understand this with an example:

Suppose you are using an internet connection from Delhi and as you are using a VPN, then automatically your IP address will be replaced by the IP address provided to you by the VPN service provider, now with this you may appear using Internet connection from any other gateway cities of VPN.

This is how you can say a bit working of VPN..!

There are many VPN service providers in the Internet industry. All VPN service providers are good & perfect in their job so I cannot name any one of the best but just simply say all are the Best.

If you are going for a VPN service then just go through all the vpn reviews provided by users to the service provider and also look out any offer or discount prevailing on the service.