Thesis as always this festive season also launched a new skin ‘Thesis responsive charm skin’ for all the Bloggers and webmasters in the internet industry.

Whenever we talk about theme skins or theme Frameworks, the name which first strikes to our mind is ‘Thesis‘.

Thesis is a very well-known and reputed company offering WordPress theme frameworks as thesis frameworks. Thesis basically offers WordPress premium themes which are under the budget of almost all Internet marketers.


Talking about skins Thesis has 35+ thesis skins which are compatible with Thesis Theme 2.1.9 and also with WordPress 4.1. The skin is also compatible with all browsers.

These 35+ thesis skins are very well built and developed under the proper care of expert developers. These skins have a very professional and beautiful look that will modify your blog/website.

The newly launched Thesis Charm skin is really the most responsive skin ever designed. It has a very unique look that is only meant to attract different users and customers.

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This skin will help you develop your blog smartly and would definitely make your blog wonderful. This skin is also especially designed to do better with SEO, Leads & Sales page.


There are many superb features of the skin, lets walk through all one by one-

Features of Thesis Charm Skin

1. User Friendly

The skin is built for the comfortableness of Thesis framework users, It has many features which can easily be handled and can be gently implemented by users.

For the benefit of users the skin has

  • 1 Year unlimited Support.
  • 1 year unlimited Updates.
  • 1 Year unlimited Downloads.

The reasonable and genuine price of the thesis skin to meet all needs is $47.

2. Advanced Customization

  • Easy to Choose Colors

A good news for all those who find difficult to choose colors, this thesis skin is meant for you.

Choosing colors has become easy because thesis introduced Thesis Scale concept for choosing slight different colors to your blog.

Charm skin will enhance your blog as it has been launched to give a colorful appearance to your website, just click on the Thesis scale and choose the perfect color which suites your blog.

  • Layouts & Fonts customization

After the color section, you also have the permission to change and alter the layout section either small or big depends on your own choice.

Not only this but Thesis also introduced another concept termed as the Skin Design where you also have the option to modify Font Families, their colors, size etc.

Navigate to the skin design section and configure the fonts according to your consolation.

  • Header customization

In this you have the possibility to change the header image as per your choice of color and idea. In the skin design option you can also upload and configure your header with your selected image.

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3. Loaded with Templates

One of the essential feature of the skin is the thesis WordPress templates, charm skin is fully filled with many different templates which are not included in premium WordPress templates as they are free. Lets have a look on the different and important templates:

  • Front Page Template

The homepage of the skin is very beautiful, sleek and simple in design. The front covers all set of information required for the user.

  • Category Page Template

The page template contains all the category based set of information required for the establishment of categories.

  • Blog Page Template

The blog page containing the latest post has two columns, left one is for the latest posts and the right one contains all the widgets.

  • Landing Page template

The landing page holds the simple and brief introduction of your business. In the charm thesis skin you have two types of landing page-

  1. Landing page with Header.
  2. Landing page without Header.
  • Squeeze Page Template

Now this is a place where you can place your product info and things related to your product. Squeeze page is also of two types-

  1. Squeeze page with Header.
  2. Squeeze page without header.

Some of the other templates are :

  • Single page template
  • Archives page template
  • 404 page template
  • No sidebar page template

4. Validation from W3C

The skin fully supports  HTML 5 and is coded quite nicely with HTML 5. The World Wide Web Consortium has tested the skin for any kind of errors.

The skin has also passed the test conducted under Markup Validation Service which means that it perfectly runs well in HTML.

Not only this the charm skin has also cleared the W3C CSS Validation service which also means that its has no errors in the coding of CSS.

Thus, in the end there is no worries regarding the coding at all.

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5. Variety of Boxes

The skin is comprised of various boxes  only supported with the thesis theme framework. The boxes are very well defined below:

Charm Logo box Charm Featured box
Charm Advertisement box Charm Archives pages box
Charm Popular box Charm Opt-in box
Charm Footer Attribution box Charm Search box
Charm Social Media box Charm Read more box
Charm related postbox Charm page navigation box
Charm Author box Charm About Us box

The Opt-in Form boxes are very well built to support all the Email Service providers. Some of the email service providers are mentioned below:

  • AWeber
  • Benchmark Email
  • IContact.
  • Mail Chimp
  • Constant Contact
  • Get response.

From all, at last the thing to say is that Charm Skin will give your blog a personal branding to built your online identity.

Thus, Thesis Charm skin is a very advanced and superb skin which follows the slogan Impress your Clients and Earn Buck doing it.