Building a Micro job website in WordPress now has become quite easy and simple with the help of WordPress Themes built by various leading companies.

Micro Jobs portal is a very classic platform and has been a growing trend since modernization. Website like Freelancer, Elance, Fiverr etc. are some of the best examples of such, that has made life easier at the World Wide Web for webmasters.

micro job website themes

Job hunting for thousands of job hunters comes to an end at these platforms as they get the required job they are looking for sitting at home. Looking at such a trend many leading theme companies have developed some very advance, simple, and user-friendly themes in WordPress CMS.

Let’s have a look on some of the top themes for Micro Jobs Websites:

1. WordPress Pricerr Theme

Pricerr WordPress Micro Job Script

The pricerr theme is one of the best theme for micro job sites. The theme is developed by Sitemile team’s experienced developers & programmers.

  •  Faster than the fastest
  •  Build micro job marketplace within few minutes & clicks.
  •  Responsive micro job WordPress theme
  •  User friendly from both Front & Back-end.
  •  Social Integration by default.
  •  Built in with Multiple Payment Gateways (Bitcoins supported)

Pricing: $69

2. WordPress Micro Jobs Theme

micro job theme

The WordPress micro jobs theme built by the Premium Press developers is one of the most trusted and most downloaded theme for any micro job website.

  • All screens Responsive layout
  •  Fast & Easy browsing experience
  •  Completely optimized with SEO
  •  Multiple Payment Gateways (like: Paypal)
  •  User Friendly customization
  •  Profile Rating System with built in Messaging system.
  •  Complete Orders History & professional Invoices.

Pricing: $79

3 Jobify- WordPress Job Board Theme

Jobify wordpress-theme

Jobify is one of the most popular WordPress based Jobs Theme. The theme is built with proper care and under experienced surveillance of Astoundify.

  •  Super fast creation of jobs site with Jobify
  •  Hands-on with user-friendly powerful features
  •  Built-in plugins: WP Job Manager Plugin, Slider Revolution Responsive WordPress plugin, Resume Manager plugin etc.
  •  Responsive Web design to all screens
  •   Search Engine Friendly
  •  Easy customization from both end front-end & back-end.

Pricing: $58

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4. WordPress Project Bidding Theme

Project Bidding Theme

Want a website similar to Freelancer, then Project Bidding Theme will be the best choice as the theme is very perfectly built and works efficiently like Freelancer marketplace which is built by Sitemile.

  •  Launching a Freelancer website become easy and smooth.
  •  All screens Responsive Layout
  •  Integrated with multiple payment gateways.
  •  User friendly Freelancer user profile
  •  Social Integration
  •  Special feature like: Escrow feature, Digital goods, Multi language support, credit system and many more.

Pricing: $69

5. WordPress Taskerr Theme

Taskerr micro jobs website

One of the coolest and the top theme for creating a micro jobs marketplace. The theme is built under the proper care of AppThemes.

  • User-Friendly installation & SEO friendly
  • Monetization of site under you palm.
  • Flexible and Powerful features
  • Beautiful, Clean & Responsive layout.
  • Built in Child themes & plugins
  • Integration of AppThemes API

6. WordPress HireBee Theme

HireBee wordpress theme

With HireBee it becomes easy and comfortable to build a Freelancers market place in WordPress. AppThemes are the genuine & original builder of HireBee Theme.

  • Clean and Responsive design & layout
  • Search Engine Optimization & SEO friendly
  • Easy Administration & File uploadation
  • Quick & fast accesible
  • Easy access to Notifications
  • Escrow ready

Pricing: $99

7. WordPress Job Board Theme – JobMiner

JobMiner SiteMile wp theme

JobMiner is a good value premium micro jobs theme which is again developed by SiteMile WordPress themes developers. The theme is really loaded with tons of features.

  •  Launch an Instant and Immediate job recruitment website
  •  Clean & Beautiful layout
  •  Responsive Layout
  •  Amazing Job board software
  • Search Engine Optimized & Friendly
  • Superb support from developer team

Pricing: Yet to be Announced

8. WordPress Job Board Theme

 Job Board wordpress theme

The job board theme is all what you are searching of to create a thriving job website like freelancer, elance, and many more. The theme is under the sweet care of PremiumPress.

  • Complete One stop business solution
  • Superb & excellent coding from the team
  • Find Jobs closer to you in seconds
  • Easy & complete customization with the Open Source code
  • Variety of features like: private messaging system, upload docs, CV, Resume, images, etc easily, Google maps, drag & Drop, Color changes etc.
  • 100% responsive to all screens

Pricing: $79

9. WordPress FreelanceEngine Theme

FreelanceEngine EngineThemes WordPress site

The theme as the name implies is a clone of freelancer theme and works smoothly as the perfect micro job marketplace. The theme is developed by EngineThemes developer team.

  • Powerful job board theme
  • Customization from both front & back-end
  • 100% responsive layout
  • Loaded with hundreds of Widgets like Drag & Drop sidebars, page builder, Escrow ready etc.
  • Third Plugins to give a boost to your SEO
  • Integrated with various Payment Gateways

Pricing: $89

10. WordPress Vantage Theme

Vantage directory application theme

A very simple yet very powerful micro job directory WordPress theme which is one stop destination for various jobs in the freelancing field.

  • Fully responsive to Screens
  • Built with Robust & Flexible features
  • User friendly Navigation and back-end Dashboard
  • Complete Social Integration
  • Effective Monetization under your palm’
  • Multi language support, Open source code, free updates and much more.

Pricing: $99

Summing Up:

These themes for are really very much effective & efficient for all the WordPress based Micro Jobs sites as within seconds you can convert your entire website into a Freelance market place and after that you can just give a kick off to your dream project.

Looking at the premium features the pricing seems to be a great value to your pocket and in long run would definitely fetch you the capital you want to invest further in the project.