Webydo is a cloud-based platform that enables professional designers and web agencies to create pixel-perfect, responsive sites without writing a line of code, empowering designers to take total control of every aspect of their design work and lead the web creation market.

200K designers and web agencies are already using Webydo – a platform that presents a full B2B solution for designers and agencies. This software provides a holistic workflow from conceptualization and crafting basic elements to publishing and hosting fully functioning websites. Rather than using a number of different tools for prototyping, wireframing, managing and publishing, Webydo provides an all-in-one solution. With a robust, built-in CMS, complete branding, and client billing, this SaaS platform stands out in the code-free, professional web design landscape.  

Some might question how Webydo differs from other website creation platforms so to answer this, we’ll take a deeper into what makes Webydo unique.

What is Webydo & Who Can Use It?

Craft Without Code

Empowering graphic and web designers to craft, manage and host professional websites for clients, Webydo caters to a very specific demographic. As a platform “for designers, by designers”, the tools, features and user interface of the Webydo Studio and Dashboard are designed to maximize workflow and minimize distraction.

Webydo was founded in 2012 by Shmulik Grizim and Tzvika Steinmetz, seasoned veterans of the design industry and startup world. The concept of code-free professional design software was conceived of when Grizim and Steinmetz were creating websites for clients. They identified that the majority of their budget – around 70% – was going to development. Webydo represented a solution to this disparity, transforming the traditional web industry with designers at the forefront of website creation.

Webydo grew as an idea to empower designers and agencies from all specialties to do what they do best: design. Producing pixel-perfect responsive websites with a highly clean code, Webydo does the heavy lifting to ensure a great SEO impact and professional results . With the ability to start creating websites on a blank canvas, with wireframes or on a free template, web design has never been so efficient.

Examining potential competitors, there are only a few directly competing for the B2B professional designer demographic. Most web creation services are either B2C-oriented (for DIY enthusiasts) or B2B businesses aimed at professional developers with coding experience. As a designer, I am excited by a platform that provides me with an interface and tools reminiscent of what I use in day-to-day design.

Here are two examples of sites created using Webydo, highlighting the potential of this platform to execute high-level, professional-looking websites:



Stella and Lori is a fashion brand for handmade leather products and unique clothing. The design of the website reflects the duo’s deep passion for quality, style and aesthetics. The chic black and white theme brings an edginess to the brand and helps make the featured products shine. Interactive details, simple navigation and custom typography create a very unique, high-fashion atmosphere telling a comprehensive story of the brand.



Boatguard is a solution that keeps your boat safe through its revolutionary standalone alarm and tracking system. The site utilizes crisp visual language emphasizing the product’s elegance and ease of use. Each page is well-organized and clean with amazing graphic elements highlighting the various features – it makes something as seemingly unflashy as an alarm or tracking system seem like something you must have today.

If you are looking for other professional websites created using Webydo, there are more than a few to browse in “Community Websites”, part of the Webydo Spotlight. Moreover, there is a really useful section of free, original themes that might help you find inspiration or serve as the basis for your next project.

Salient Features of Webydo

Many of you are probably still thinking why choose Webydo if we have already several powerful platforms for professional web designers and agencies. Let’s take a look at some standout features of Webydo.

Full Branding Power

Webydo provides designers with a ‘Full White Label’ option to put their brand identity front and center. Designers can present Webydo’s technology as an integral part of their own design brand by customizing the system colors, adding logos and presenting a fully branded CMS and Dashboard to their clients.

Responsive Breakpoints

Responsive Breakapoints

Designers are able to create pixel-perfect, responsive websites with unique custom design, completely code-free. You can easily manage all versions of your site from one dashboard by creating breakpoints for different screens and devices. You can resize and update various elements on all breakpoints, tailoring your design for each screen to make the best browsing experience for your clients’ customers.

Manage Unlimited Websites

By using Webydo you can manage unlimited websites from one control panel – the Webydo Dashboard. With no need to log in and out of various third-party accounts, or install third-party plugins, Webydo is far more efficient than its competitors.

SEO Features

We all know how important SEO is to the success of your business or company. Webydo does a great job of providing both you and your clients with SEO features that allow you to optimize and keep track of how you are positioned with regard to rankings of the search engines. This stand-out feature helps ensure maximum exposure and traffic to your site.

Parallax Scrolling Animator

Parallax scrolling is a hot trend in the web design industry, specifically on Ecommerce sites, highlighting products and telling a brand’s story. This effect was voted onto the platform by Webydo’s community and was implemented shortly thereafter.

parallex animation

Webydo’s Parallax Animator allows you to animate any element on your site with unique motion paths, transitions and speeds. Webydo’s pixel-perfect visual interface makes it easy to add this powerful animation feature to your website and –  you guessed it – you do not need to write any code.

Unlimited Web Fonts

Webydo offers the options of uploading you own fonts, connecting fonts from your API Typekit and using Google Fonts, giving designers the ability to specialize fonts with complete freedom. The ability to upload customizes fonts enables designers to create stunning sites with amazing typography helping you achieve the desired look-and-feel of the site.

Drag and Drop Framework

Drag and Drop is a feature that I think everyone wants on their website platform as it helps designers to create complex website designs easily and with powerful performance. Generally people are used to buying themes and plugins related to Drag and Drop tools so having this as a feature on the Webydo site is an added bonus.

Bill Your Client

“Bill your Client” gives designers the ability to bill their client for every project and/or service directly from their Webydo Dashboard. Through this new highly-secure and efficient automated payment system, Webydo will take care of all your billing and payment services, leaving you with less stress and more time to focus on your beautiful website designs.

Code Free Web Design

code free design

With Webydo you can bring your designs to life with pixel-perfect accuracy without writing a line of code. Webydo automatically converts your design into W3C validated, production-ready HTML code and CMS for your client. What an impressive feature of Webydo, love it  :-P

Built-in CMS

Not every web design platform on the market has a built-in CMS and Webydo, fortunately is one of them. While designing your site, Webydo automatically creates a user-friendly CMS for both you and your client. What’s special about their approach to content management is that you can lock specific elements of your design that you don’t want clients to touch, preserving full artistic control over your work. An additional highlight of this feature is that your clients have the ability to change, delete, or update any content on-site, independently (so you are not getting 5 emails a day after completing the job on updates, changes etc. – a designer’s dream).

Webydo has many features even though I didn’t cover everything, I covered the features that stood out and focused on specific capabilities of the platform. If you want to read up on more tools and features offered by Webydo, then you must check the “Features” section on-site, here .

Webydo’s Full Training Session


We thought that it was worthwhile to point out that, aside from around-the-clock support, Webydo has a healthy reserve of video tutorials for those just getting started or trying to learn a new technique or function. The General Overview does exactly what it says – demonstrates Webydo’s basic structure and how web and graphic designers can start using Webydo today.

Webydo’s Pricing

pricing of webydo

Trying out Webydo is free for 30 days. We appreciate this option because there is no credit card necessary and no strings attached. Designers are able to test out the platform on one site with up to five pages before deciding whether they will go with one of the Webydo plans.

Pricing starts from just $17/month, where you are able to create 10 projects with full email and chat support. The most popular option is Webydo’s middle option of $35/month geared at small design companies and teams. Hosting and CMS are just $5 per month, which includes Google Cloud hosting, unlimited storage and full CMS capabilities.

Here is a more in depth look at the plans:

Pro: $17 per month. This plan includes 10 projects, 1 team member, 1 week revision history, Email and Chat Support.

Team: $35 per month. This plan includes 50 projects, 3 team members, 1 month revision history, email and chat support, 50 site exports, white label, add code to your site, professional training and much more.

Agency: This is an ideal solution for mid size companies and studios which includes 250 projects, 10 team members, 3 month revision history, email and chat support, 250 site exports, white label, add code to site, professional training, client billing, dedicated account manager, client DIY wizard.

Enterprise is for all large scale companies, if you want to know the price then you have to call it on 1-(U.S 800-705-0316)or (U.K 0800-084-3649), the package includes unlimited projects, unlimited team member, unlimited week revision history, everything unlimited, plus API integration, Mass site creation and much more.

If you are a Webydo user, and want to add to the discussion, please feel free to say what you think in the comment box. We would love to hear your thoughts!!

Start enjoying the benefits of Webydo today: http://www.webydo.com.

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