Online Task Scheduling or Task Management like Social Media Management has now become easier, simpler, straightforward & brisk with the help of web automation tools or Task Scheduler that are ready to do our web based tasks.

As the Web has evolved more new web services & tools have developed at a very rapid pace to eliminate stress, tasks & daily schedules of a webmaster.   :-D

Looking at these web services which automate our daily schedule gives us a great relief and wipes out all our burden instantly. We all know our daily schedule starts with Social Media Promotion, marketing and related other which are really cumbersome processes to deal with.

Putting Internet to work includes all these from Social Media Management to Saving and Tracking our Content all over the web. Usually earlier this was done manually or with the help of expensive freelance coders but now it has become easier and Code Free.

There are many tools in this regard which are available online with a very affordable fee structure.

Let’s have a look on all such Content & Social Media Management tools:

Best Free Task Management Softwares Online

1. Buffer:


Buffer – A smarter way to Share is one of the best and the ultimate tool to make Internet work for you. Buffer is the shortcut or the incredible way to schedule your posts so as to publish even when you are busy somewhere else.

Buffer is basically a very well built virtual queue that is capable of storing your items to get published automatically even in your absence.

Features of Buffer:

  • Simple & Easy to use Interface
  • Easy to connect almost all of your Social Profiles
  • Schedule 10 posts in a day for Free (100 posts – Premium Plan)
  • Custom & maintain your own Scheduling of posts
  • Analyze the statistics of your Posts schedule
  • Ultimate Customer support

2. HootSuite:


Hootsuite – Get serious about social is also one of the Content & Media management tool very well know as the Social Media Manager that take care of all your Social content which needs to be published on time.

With Hootsuite you can manage, track & edit all your campaigns on the social network via any gadget or device you are using.

Features of Hootsuite:

  • User-Friendly Interface
  • Manage unlimited Social Profiles
  • Engage more than one team member on same profile
  • Find out the Analytics in seconds from the Dashboard
  • Cheap & Affordable pricing & plans
  • Awesome client support from the backend

3. Feedly:


Feedly – Welcome to your work newsfeed is also a very advance tool with built-in many functionalities and task to perform at a time.

With feedly’s RSS management tool you can read all the important news that are must for you to think, learn, and move ahead. You can also Put content/web to work for you on time like sharing all your content, posts & others to Social Media exactly on time.

Features of Feedly:

  • Ease of access & superbly user-friendly
  • Organize your web content easily
  • Schedule & Publish content on equal intervals
  • Improved feed & article search
  • Friendly support from Developers side

4. IFTTT – If this than that:


IFTTT – Puts the Internet work for you is a single tool with multiple task & functions to perform which not only saves time but also makes everything look easier & convenient.

With the help of IFTTT you can take the complete control of all the apps you love & use them frequently. IFTTT is completely based on statement named ‘recipes’ that manages all the tasks from publishing content to social media to saving in images in Dropbox.

Features of IFTTT:

  • Multiple task at a unique instant (like publishing, sharing, saving and many others)
  • User-friendly Interface & Dashboard
  • Compatible with Buffer & Hootsuite too
  • Saves not only minutes but Hours
  • Connect & Link Social Media profiles with Dropbox
  • Customer support is excellent

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5. Zapier:


Zapier – The best apps. Better together is another powerful internet automated tool that lets us easily connect all our loved & frequently used web apps together like Gmail, Dropbox, Evernote, Trello etc.

Zapier allows you to do all the things in one go without the help of any third-party app developer or any freelance programmer.

Features of Zapier:

  • Simple & Easy to use Zapier
  • Play with over 500+ apps
  • Schedule your Recurring Tasks in just seconds
  • Advance triggers for instant actions
  • Make Zaps & Save both time & Money
  • Developer support is really outstanding

6. Socialoomph:


Socialoomph – Boost your social media productivity is an excellent web based tool that is dynamic and has the ability to reduce your stress by managing & boosting all your Social Media productivity

The tool is loaded with tons of compelling features that will handle your job from scheduling tweets to tracking your keywords, retweets and other

Features of Socialoomph:

  • Loaded with all basic features like scheduling, retweeting, saving, tracking & related other
  • Follow-Back & Auto-DM Features
  • Find Quality People to Follow On Twitter
  • Extra features of Facebook, LinkedIn, Plurk, etc.
  • Unlimited twitter accounts with Bulk upload tweets
  • Customer support is always available

7. We Wired Web:

we wired web

We Wired Web – Community-Extensible Web Automation is another very robust and striking automated web based tool that enables each & every guy to share & spread content through the web in between different web services automatically.

Features of We Wired Web:

  • Smoothly & Swiftly Connect web apps and the Internet of Things
  • Events occur based on valid Triggers
  • Endless & Continuous Customization
  • Ceaseless actions via Wring diagrams.
  • Location-based triggers defined on maps
  • Limitless client support everytime

8. CloudWork:


CloudWork – Connect Your Business Apps is also an automated SaaS (Software as a Service) that allows and enables a user to connect all their crucial & important apps at one place.

CloudWork is a tool which can help you share data between popular CRM (Customer Relationship Managment), Marketing, Helpdesk, Finance and Storage applications instantly & automatically without much labor & efforts.

Features of Cloudwork:

  • Automate your online daily routine tasks
  • Easy to handle & manage business apps on the same place
  • Save Time, Money with an increase in productivity
  • Event based automatic triggers
  • 100s of Business apps integration
  • Client support is excellent

Summing Up:

Automated Web based tools & web services now has become the key to success in Online marketing & Social promotion. These tools are really doing an excellent job by eradicating the efforts & time consumed in doing all the boring tasks for a webmaster that needs to be performed after every update.

The web automation services takes the help of API’s (Application Program Interface) in connecting customers with other services automatically and managing all the job of the client on their part.

All the services are good at their job and all of them offer some unique features, that’s why I am really very much impressed and thankful to all these services as they have freed me from all my basic, boring & other promotion schedules and now I can focus on my other important tasks.

I suggest you also to stop doing all the boring tasks which was manually done by you earlier, now the time has come to handover all these odd jobs to automated web services and let them do our headache.

If you find these tools useful, then don’t hesitate to provide me your graceful comments. You can also suggest me any other tool similar to all these.  8-)