Do you own a business? A small or a medium one? If so, then great! There is an excellent email marketing service, which will be totally useful for you.

It’s SendPulse.

Let’s see why you should try it.

  1. It’s easy to use. You don’t spend hours studying the website and can start working straight away.
  2. SendPulse provides you with great opportunities for personalizing your campaigns and making them unique.
  3. Artificial Intelligence (AI) feature helps you analyze when and how your subscribers read your emails, so you’ll know when it’s best to send your emails.
  4. SendPulse combines 3 services, which will upgrade the engagement with your subscribers: bulk email, web push notifications and bulk SMS. They are hard to miss and using them all together will broaden your audience.
  5. It’s a cheaper and more comfortable alternative to MailChimp and other email marketing services. You can also use SendPulse for free!


Sounds interesting? Well, read on.

Email service

Email service is the fastest way to contact your audience and it has the widest range of features. Send up to 15,000 free emails up to 2,500 subscribers every month.

SendPulse offers reasonable pricing plans if you have:

2500 subscribers – $9.85/month

3000 subscribers – $29/month

4000 subscribers – $32/month

5000 subscribers – $35/month

10000 subscribers – $53/month

25000 subscribers – $108/month

To start your email campaign, first, create a mailing list. You can either import it from another email service you used, upload the contacts in a file from your computer or make a new one on SendPulse.  Watch how it’s done:

Great job, now you have a mailing list! Let’s start using SendPulse!

1. Click on Create a campaign and choose the necessary amount of mailing lists. Fill in the ‘Sender’s name’, your name and the subject’s line.

2. Template and message text section.

SendPulse offers 4 ways to create an email:

  1. Importing your own templates;
  2. using ready-made templates;
  3. using the drag-and-drop editor;
  4. using the HTML editor.

Here is your chance to personalize your campaign. Choose the template you like best, add pictures, text, links, gifs, and even videos.


An example of drag-and-drop editor

You can also preview your email:


Once you’re ready, click save and continue.

3. Now, go to the review and sending section and check the data you’ve filled in. Mind the ‘Sending time’ section as it allows sending your emails on a specific time (it’s important when your audience is in another time zone or so). Click ‘Start’.

Congrats! You’re done with creating your campaign! Now let’s see how to make your campaign work better.


Once you started your email campaigns, it’s really important to set up an autoresponder. SendPulse provides its users with three variants of automation:

Use automated emails to establish a friendly environment with your subscribers. Send them a birthday, greeting and special offer emails to make your clients feel unique. It also saves your time and helps to interact with your clients.

Automated emails are also useful for offering similar goods customers might like, sending relevant emails and lists of popular products, recommendations on how to use your website and so on.

Artificial Intelligence technology (AI)

SendPulse offers a unique technology of AI for analyzing your subscribers’ activity. It is easy to use and makes your campaign more effective.

AI will:

  1. save your time;
  2. recommend the best time to send your emails;
  3. rise email open rate;
  4. detect the communication source.

BUT you should send not less than 10 emails to each subscriber to make AI work for you.

Just set the time and date and click the corresponding button at the last stage of creating your campaign.

Subscriber didn’t open your email? SendPulse allows to resend the unread messages.

You just have to change the subject of the email and the date to new ones.


You can also plan your email campaigns with our easy scheduler. Simply set the necessary date and time and your subscribers will automatically receive the email on the arranged period.

A/B test

Split testing is another great feature for optimizing your email marketing activity.

Say, you are ready to send a letter, but not sure which subject of your email to choose. This is when A/B test will come in handy.

How it works?

Two mailings (A & B) are created and each email gets a different subject. A winning criterion is chosen, e.g. open rate. Mailing A is sent to 20% of your subscribers, another 20% will get mailing B.

Eventually, the rest 60% of your audience will receive the winning variant.

You can use A/B test also to check the effectiveness of Web Push Notifications.

They are great because:

  1. they allow to quickly inform your clients about attractive offers, super discounts, sales and so on;
  2. your subscribers will see them even if they’re offline or their tab is closed;
  3. you can send web pushes basing on subscribers’ previous orders;
  4. they are free and supported by many browsers.

How to use Web Push:

  • add your website, an image, and subscription request;
  • download setup files;
  • add offered code to your website.

SMS service

Sending SMS together with emails and web pushes will definitely upgrade your business! SendPulse offers a 10 free text trial to test the service.

Simply fill in all necessary information. Mind you can only change the content of the message if you use a paid plan. Sendpulse also allows to schedule the SMS campaign and add some personal touch by sending texts with a client’s personal information.

So, I’m sure now you know SendPulse is a great way to improve your email marketing campaign. Enjoy using it and good luck!