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Best Content Delivery Network(CDN) 2015 For WordPress

Are you trying to accelerate your website speed, then don’t forget the Cdn. There are several cdn available in the market. If you are looking for best and top cdn then you are on the right place. This will not only affect your site speed but also enhance the storing capacity of website or blog. [...]

How to Choose Keywords For Your Website or Blog

“Keywords” are queries that users perform in Search Engines to generate results, and then search engines displays the most important and relevant search results based on user queries using more than 200 ranking factors list. Doing Proper SEO Takes lots of time and efforts and you can always refer to our Interesting List of Articles here [...]

How to Enable Categories for Pages in WordPress

Categories are cool feature in WordPress to assign and categorize your posts in WordPress. Categories also helps users to filter content based on categories and provides a clean navigation to the users interest in particular topic. But what about those whose website has lots of Pages and what if they need the Categories feature for [...]