WPtouch is the Best Responsive Mobile Website Convertor WordPress Plugin

Mobile Optimization for a Blog/Website in this modern era has become one of the important task to do after WordPress installation. Easy and effective way to do this is using the WPtouch WordPress plugin. The Google’s official recommended plugin for WordPress Mobile Website is Wp Touch Plugin. This plugin works seamlessly and converts any website on [...]


20+ Best Free WordPress Backup Plugins to Download

Loosing your blog/Website and not having the WordPress Backup for it can be the worst nightmare, one can have. Most Bloggers won't take regular backups of their websites and when these websites crash or hacks or something goes wrong, their starts scratching their heads and butts, but can't do much because they didn't have a [...]

How to Add Category Specific Icons in WordPress

Flavor up your WordPress website by adding Category specific icons to each and every category. Assigning Category Icons not only looks your blog great and professional but also gives an iconic touch :) to your WordPress Blog. Here are some cool examples to showcase why Adding Category Icons looks your Blog more Appealing. For Example [...]


WordPress Categories Vs WordPress Tags : What to Use and When

WordPress Users must pay attention to “Categories” and “Tags” boxes on the right side of Post page while writing any Post before you publish it. I see a lot of bloggers have problems in understanding about WordPress Tags and WordPress Categories. Therefore, they make a lot of mistakes in every post tagging wrong keywords to [...]

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