How to Create a Videos Sitemap using WordPress Plugins

Video Sitemaps are helpful for the websites that have lots of Video Material, though the main source of traffic will be from youtube, but in case of tutorials website. Visitors also often finds channel later and the person's website at first. Videos sitemap also plays an effective role in the publicity and promotion of website in the search [...]


Boost Your WordPress Blog by Installing these Useful Plugins 2015

WordPress and Plugins are great combination in making our blog or website perform better, loaded with lot of features and functions. Every WordPress user has a toolkit of Plugins which are very easy to work in front end and back end of WordPress and the expecting number of plugins in WordPress directory is 30,000 where some are mandatory to install [...]

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How to Install WordPress Plugins Automatically and Using FTP Manually

WordPress plugins are super functional codes written in php language to extend the functionality of any website on WordPress. So far WordPress is the most popular blogging platform and has the largest library of more than 30,000 free plugins and growing. With wordpress plugins, you don’t have to touch a piece of code and you [...]

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How to Activate Akismet WordPress Plugin Using Free API Key

Akismet Plugin is an ultimate warrior for any blog fighting against the comment spam. If you are a new blogger and just started out working on your blog, you might not notice and give attention to the comments section. Most comment spammers use bots to spread fake and bad links on other site’s to alter [...]

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