Project Description

Project Query : We are given a software and website query in form of web application where we need to develop a Fonts CMS along with atleast 25,000+ available to download for the users by default. Later, the website front end has to be designed and back-end for the administrator to manage the website.

About Fontslake.Com

Welcome to ! Fontslake is one of the best places on internet to freely download Free and Premium fonts and dingbats used by graphics designers, hobbyists, scrap-bookers, developers and typeface enthusiasts. Fontslake is a collection of more than 15,000 Fonts database organized by 30+ different categories.
We are a free service supported by Advertisements that allows Font Designers to Submit Fonts for free and get paid by donations directly on their Paypal Account. Our Primary goal is to help users in finding relevant fonts for their project, well sorted by the Font’s License and conditions to use.
Website URL :
Webliska Service : We have designed the Fonts CMS and the whole project took 40 days to build where we did uploaded 10,000+ fonts in the starting. This is one of our biggest projects that we did for an Indian Client.