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Best of Blogfruit Articles Content Over Last Two Months

Welcome, Blogfruit Readers!!¬†Every Month, At blogfruit, our Editors select a handful of our best, greatest and most detailed Articles Content on WordPress, SEO and Marketing. This is great , so you only get the very best and selective content from our inspirational blog. […]

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Google Set to Officially Kicks off Mobile Algorithm Update

Did you heart beats faster when you hear the date 21st April, 2015. Well, if you are a website owner and you make your business online and your website is mobile friendly. Then, you need not worry about anything. Lots of Webmasters are in trouble after Google’s declaration of their Mobile Friendly & Responsive Design. [...]

February 2015

Blogfruit Best Article Picks from January 2015

Welcome BlogFruit Readers ! Since we are writing great piece of content everyday, we have decided to Pick the Best Content every month and feature the best articles from all categories to showcase in a single article. The reason why we followed this approach is to help our readers so that if someone missed an [...]

December 2014

Different User Roles Permission in WordPress Explained

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Users in WordPress plays a very crucial role in the development of the Blog/Website. WordPress in built has a management system for Users. A newbie admin must not worry about the safety and security of the Website as WordPress has allotted all necessary permissions to all the different users in the Blog/Website. Recommended Reading : [...]

Whar are RSS Feeds ? How to Use RSS Feeds in WordPress

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Today in this WordPress tutorial, lets learn about RSS Feeds. Every blogger or Author using and working in WordPress have once come across RSS Feeds as they are an important part of a Website functionality and SEO. What are RSS Feeds ? RSS basically stands for “Rich Site Summary” which is often called as “Really [...]