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How to Start A Blog in 5 Minutes with Bluehost Hosting


No doubt, Blogging has been evolved much in recent times as it was 5-7 years ago. Lots of students and professionals are now opting Blogging as the full time Profession. No doubt, if you can achieve results with  than it is atleast 100x better than your day job, but the only question is IF. [...]

June 2015

How and Where to Check your Backlinks ?


Thinking about SEO ! What’s the first thing that comes to our mind ? Yes, “Backlinks”. Every one who owns a Blog/Website knows the value and the importance of Backlinks. Backlinks are the indicator that a website has a good reputation and owns a piece of trust in the major search engines. […]

April 2015

How to Choose Keywords For Your Website or Blog

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“Keywords” are queries that users perform in Search Engines to generate results, and then search engines displays the most important and relevant search results based on user queries using more than 200 ranking factors list. Doing Proper SEO Takes lots of time and efforts and you can always refer to our Interesting List of Articles here [...]

How to Register a Domain Name with GoDaddy


Talking about Domain name registration the name which tops the list is GoDaddy. GoDaddy one of the most reputed and renowned Domain name Registrar/Host in the internet industry. It not only registers domains but also is one of the cheapest hosts for the GoDaddy domain name registered. […]

How to : Add Icons to Category in WordPress


Flavor up your WordPress website by adding Category specific icons to each and every category. Now just wonder how your website would look if all the categories are embedded with some really wonderful and flair icons. It is not necessary that you assign icons to all the categories rather than add icons to some specific categories [...]

How to Enable Categories for Pages in WordPress


Categories are cool feature in WordPress to assign and categorize your posts in WordPress. Categories also helps users to filter content based on categories and provides a clean navigation to the users interest in particular topic. But what about those whose website has lots of Pages and what if they need the Categories feature for [...]

How to Write Content in WordPress Without Typing


The concept of text to speech is pretty well known and old nowadays. Several companies and tech giants including Google provide text to speech API key known as TTS (Text to Speech) where it will read any text you select – louder for you. But, could you possibly imagine if reverse is possible.If there is a [...]

How to Fully Backup your WordPress Website Files & Database Easily


One of the extremely important operation when starting an online business/blog/website and using WodPress is to  to Backup WordPress Database. Problem comes when its least expected, and everyday approximately 15-25% people loose their Data whether its offline or online. […]