June 2016

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Enhance the Growth of your WordPress Site with WooCommerce Extensions


Your online store is set up and ready to roll with just the WordPress website and a WooCommerce core plugin to go with it. Also: You can get fiber from oatmeal, but that doesn’t stop you from adding condiments to it, right? In the above analogy, WooCommerce is the plain oatmeal: gets the job done, [...]

June 2015

Most Popular Social Media Plugins For WordPress


Searching Social Media Plugins is easy when you are on the right place, Every one can write post but making that post popular is very difficult. People always search a lot about the promoting techniques and tactics but if you give your user such a platform that they promote article own then ? […]

May 2015

April 2015

Best Free SEO Plugins For WordPress in 2015


Creating a Website with WordPress is not a tough job to do in this modern era. Anyone who is literate about Internet can really earn a lot in WordPress by his own efforts and a little use of his mind. As we all Know that SEO is very vast field and requires lots of knowledge and [...]

WPtouch is the Best Responsive Mobile Website Convertor WordPress Plugin


Mobile Optimization for a Blog/Website in this modern era has become one of the important task to do after WordPress installation. Easy and effective way to do this is using the WPtouch WordPress plugin. The Google’s official recommended plugin for WordPress Mobile Website is Wp Touch Plugin. This plugin works seamlessly and converts any website on [...]

How to Write Content in WordPress Without Typing


The concept of text to speech is pretty well known and old nowadays. Several companies and tech giants including Google provide text to speech API key known as TTS (Text to Speech) where it will read any text you select – louder for you. But, could you possibly imagine if reverse is possible.If there is a [...]

What is the Best For SEO: WordPress SEO by Yoast or Premium SEO Pack


WordPress Plugins which are the life-line of  any Website in WordPress where you can do anything without having a knowledge of code and program. You can use it in such a way that you will increase traffic and customize your site or blog, every work can be done with the help of Plugins and every problem in WordPress has a [...]

March 2015

Premium SEO Pack WordPress Plugin – Better than Yoast SEO


Premium SEO Pack is the next generation WordPress SEO Plugins and one of the most feature rich and advanced plugin for Professional SEO of your blog.  WordPress Plugins has really made everything easy and fast in WordPress. Talking about SEO ( Search Engine Optimization ), use of plugins helps to boost the SEO to heights. [...]

20+ Best Free WordPress Backup Plugins to Download

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Loosing your blog/Website and not having the WordPress Backup for it can be the worst nightmare, one can have. Most Bloggers won't take regular backups of their websites and when these websites crash or hacks or something goes wrong, their starts scratching their heads and butts, but can't do much because they didn't have a [...]