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Build Multi-Level Empire with Multi-Level Marketing Script. Want to generate more sales to your products, then it’s time to go Multi-Level..

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    What is MLM?

    MLM – Multi-Level Marketing is a tree of marketing where payouts crop up at many different levels.
    In this, usually distributors in a company make money by direct sales of products to the customers and also by encouraging new salespeople & recruits to join the tree. The existing distributors are offered a good a percentage of their new salespeople by the companies.

    The script is completely in your budget and can help your business as well as income grow in multi level.

    Overview of our MLM Software

    • Clean, Flexible and Light-weight Pyramid Selling or Network Marketing software
    • Secure, Reliable and completely User-friendlys
    • Easily manage members sitting in-front of the PC
    • Fully Featured and Robust Admin Panel
    • Build a business with superb income potential in a day
    • Multi-Level Marketing Platform with a DIY approach

    MLM Script Features

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    Industries served by MLM Platform

    • Students
    • Startups       
    • Agriculture
    • Personal Loans or Individual Loans
    • Small Businesses & Small NGO’s
    • Fashion & Accessories
    • E-commerce
    • Educational Sector
    • Health & Medical
    • Retail & Wholesale
    • Engineering
    • Power & Energy
    • Payday loans
    • Real estate
    • Equity loans & Gold loans
    • Tours & Travels
    • Mortgage
    • Automobile Industries
    • Household Improvements
    • Transportation
    • Natural products
    • Manufacturing Industries

    Technologies Used for Development

    Code Igniter





    MySQL DB

    How to Earn from the MLM Script

    Product Affiliates and Sales

    Different Marketing Plans

    Premium Membership


    Advantages & Benefits of MLM Software

    CodeIgniter Framework

    • Powerful And Open-Source PHP Framework Used To Build Dynamic Websites.

    • Boosts The Website Development Work At A Rapid Pace

    • Embedded With Multiple Libraries And Components

    Model View Controller/MVC model

    • Model: Maintains & Manages Complete Data Structure, Logics And Rules Of The Application

    • View: Displaying Data & Information To The User In A Specific Format.

    • Controller: Manages The Intercommunication Between The Model & View Parts And Is Responsible To Respond The User’s Input.

    Twitter Bootstrap Framework

    • Comprised Of HTML, CSS, And JavaScript Templates

    • Most Used, Popular, Free And Open-Source Web Framework

    • Excellent Tool For Developing Screen Responsive And Mobile-Friendly Websites


    • The Newest And The Most Enhanced Version Of The Hyper Text Markup Language And Has Many Inbuilt Features Like: Drag & Drop, Third-Party Browser Plugins, Video Playback Options And More.

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    Complete Documentation

    Real time testing

    P2P Lending Script

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