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Quotes are the words of wisdom and knowledge.
These are actually the knowledge from one’s lifetime
within a few words.

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    What is Quotes PHP Clone Script?

    Quotes are the words of wisdom and knowledge. Quotes PHP Clone Scripts are the fastest way to develop the new generation websites with security and cost-effectiveness. These are actually the knowledge from one’s lifetime within a few words. With the boom of social media, quotes are always liked and re-shared like crazy.
    But finding daily new quotes isn’t always easy. Here, I’ve collected top places on the web where you can browse and search for inspirational and motivational quotes on life, happiness, knowledge, business, and humor 

    Overview of Script:

    • Simple from Front as well as from Back-End
    • Straightforward & Elementary platform for both businesses

    • They help you make believe something

    • They are the easiest way to find inspiration and motivation around you

    • They are easy to memorize and pass along
    • Fast with tons of features
    • They can change your state of mind in a minute
    • They are the advice from someone who has already lived and solved the same problem you are living

    Quotes Php Clone Features

    Quotes Php Clone Features

    Fully Responsive Layout

    SEO friendly

    Screen & Mobile friendly

    Dynamic Header & Footer

    Complete Browsers support

    Communication System

    User-friendly admin panel

    Quotes by Topics

    Alphamatical Navigation

    User Management

    Advertisement Banners

    Quotes by Author

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    Technologies Used for Development





    MySQL DB

    How to Earn from the Quotes PHP Clone Script

    Affiliate Marketing

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