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    What is WIM Transport & Logistics?

    WIM Transport and Logistics software is a business specific tool which is basically developed for complex businesses. WIM Transport and Logistics software contains different features like different types of payments mode, transport deals and more.

    WIM Transport and Logistics software helps to store all information in a single place.so makes transportation planning,budget estimation and analysis accurate.

    The script is completely in your budget and can help your business as well as income grow in multi level.

    • Ease of Access
    • Completely Reliable & Secured
    • Easy Billing & Invoicing
    • Multi User
    • Advance Reportings

    Transport & Logistics Features at a glance

    User Permissions

    Employees & Party Handling

    Cloud Data Backup

    Attendance Management

    User-friendly Panel

    On Demand Order Handling

    Online Reportings

    Vehicles, Hubs, Cluster Management

    100% Data Security & Accuracy

    Global Settings

    Switch to WIM Digital TRANSPORT & LOGISTICS

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    Why Choose WIM Transport & Logistics?

    Immediately Operational

    Getting started with WIM is quick and fast, you can create invoices within seconds and make your business run fluently. It’s just that easy, book a free demo and you’re done

    Smart Management & Handling

    Handling and Managing Employees, Patients, Parties, Donation and more has now come under one roof with just one simple and united software.

    Full Backup & Restore

    With WIM you get complete backup of your data on our cloud server and in case data is lost or deleted we are available to help you out instantly. So you just relax we have covered up everything for you.

    Enhance Customer Experience

    Engage clients to follow their requests continuously, talk with conveyance administrators and know when their request will arrive.

    Advantages of WIM

    Quick Invoicing

    FREE! Online Support*

    Software Customization

    FREE! Updates*

    Free Doorstep Demo

    Get Started with WIM Mandi Today and See your Business Reach Heights.

    Book a free WIM demo right on your doorstep and choose afterwards.

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