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    Power of Youtube

    According to a report over 6 billion hours of Youtube videos are watched every month and the searches carried out in Youtube are even more than searches done in Bing, Yahoo and others. This is the power of Youtube and has emerged out as the 2nd biggest search engine after Google.

    Youtube is a place that can help you emerge as Brand, nurture a Brand or to generate more business leads by grabbing more clients just by showcasing your products in the form of video.

    With Webliska you get an opportunity to shower a powerful appealing impact on your clients around the world. With just video/ channel promotion you are always leading your race ahead of your competitors.

    Our Marketing & SEO specialists using proven marketing campaigns will help your business reach out your target audience who are searching out for your products and services. We are capable of making creative videos and viral them on social networking site(s).

    Webliska Provides Reliable Service For Video Seeding

    All views are real

    We deliver only real views. The views come from the web sites with our ad codes where people watch the videos. These sites must comply with our rules.

    White hat views

    Viboom complies fully with YouTube rules. All views will be counted by YouTube or Vimeo. We have an excellent quality control system.

    Best price

    We offer the best price for quality views. You will have access to our console with all the data and statistics. All those tools the large ad agencies have.

    How It Works

    Learn how our partner websites will be promoting your video campaign.

    Page Overlay

    When a user visits a site, your video will appear on top of the site’s content.

    Video Overlay/Pre-roll

    When a user watches a video embedded on a site, they’ll first watch your video.

    Embedded Video

    A user visits a site where your YouTube video is promoted on the homepage or sub-page.

    Steps To Success


    Enter the URL of a video you want to promote. Choose the number of views and countries where you want your video to be seen.


    Pay for your campaign using one of the options. (Visa / MasterCard / PayPal)


    The promotion of your video begins across our networks of sites. The visitors to those sites see your video and watch it. You can see the detailed statistics inside your console.


    After the views have been delivered you can analyze all the data – geography and demography of the viewers, plays-to-the-end, virality of the video, devices and other useful reports.

    Why Advertisers Choose Webliska

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