Choosing the right Keyword for your post is a little bit tricky and difficult for new bloggers. But, believe me without a keyword research, you are almost loosing 90% of your business because you don’t know what your visitors or customers are typing in Google to find your website. Keyword Research is an art of practicing and perfecting your Search Engine Optimization Skills to find your customers online and deliver what they exactly needs and expects from you. With time, the more you practice and focus on it, the more traffic you will get and hence the more customer and sales.

Keywords_blogfruitOne thing you should know very well is – Google Already depreciated the use of Meta Keyword Tag in their Ranking Criteria and one should not be confused between Meta Keyword Tags and Keyword Research. Check out these two Official videos from Google Webmasters, featuring Matt Cutts – the head of Google Quality Search and Web Spam Team :-

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Video 1Google does not use the keywords meta tag in web ranking

Video 2 : How much time should I spend on meta tags, and which ones matter?

Doing a proper keyword analysis using the free keyword checker tools is a must for your SEO as well as helping Search Engines to rank your website to the top because you actually used that Keyword in your page, what your customers are searching for in the Search Engines. Therefore, never ever underestimate the Power of Keyword Research and Keyword Density of your keyword on the pages of your website.

If you choose right Keyword for your post or business then you would build the foundation for an entire SEO campaign. Adding Keywords to your website helps search engine understand what your website can offer someone searching and basically bring you more qualified traffic.

Keywords play an important role to create all types of niche websites and money making websites and Keywords are the best thing to search required information from internet. You can search tons of websites by searching compatible Keywords in search engine and creating Keywords is not difficult, its easy as “drinking a glass of water”. So, basically

What are Keywords?

“Your keywords are the key words and phrases in your web content that make it possible for people to find your site via search engines. A website that is well optimized for search engines “speaks the same language” as its potential visitor base with keywords for SEO that help connect searchers to your site.”

In short and simple words Keywords is a particular word or phrase that people type in the search engines like Google, Yahoo, Baidu, Bing and Ask etc to find the websites.

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Types of Keywords

  1. Primary Keywords
  2. Secondary Keywords

Primary Keywords


Primary Keywords help to rank your websites efficiently on search engine. These keywords help to target your desired public efficiently and effectively. Primary Keywords are the ones that are given the most importance while optimizing a webpage. They appear on the areas like the Header and Footer, Inbound Anchor text, H1 Tags, Meta Tags and many more. It should be repeated with a certain amount of keyword density through out the page. Primary Keywords tend to have a high level of competition as they are equally relevant to competitors within the same industry. Your customer will easily find their required information through Primary Keywords.

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Secondary Keywords


Secondary Keywords are derived from your Primary Keyword and also help Google to rank your website efficiently.  You can use Secondary Keywords for internal links of your website as well as anchor texts for backlinks. It will help the customer to search easily their required content of your website. Its always supports the Primary Keyword for its marketing and mostly it is used after the Primary Keywords.

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Keyword Research Tools (Free)

There are free keyword tool like “adwords keyword tool” which is now re-branded as “Keyword Planner“. It is so far the best and free keyword research tool by Google. It is not only used for getting keyword ideas but also used as a keyword suggestion tool. There are also some premium seo tools like Moz, Open Site Explorer , SEMRush and more but they are very expensive for new businesses.

Once you are done with knowing keywords, the next big thing is to learn how to do a keyword search. Check out this Official Video by Google for using the tool : Google Adwords Keyword Planner.

Keyword Planner by Google is the best keyword analysis tool as you will know exactly what people are searches and also helps your business for search engine marketing. You can also check out the “Google Related Searches” at the end of the page on Google to see what other related searches, people are looking for. With this tool, you will be able to find keywords based on Countries you want to target whether locally or internationally, your target market, search volume by date range, based on user interests and traffic forecasts.

For those, who already know the Keywords, they can also check for different online tools like :-

  • Keyword Density Checker (
  • Keyword Rank Checker Tool (
  • Keyword Generator Tool (WordTracker)

Useful Related Tips

  1. Proper use of Keywords in Title and Meta Description can help search engines to discover your pages and content to show them to the top rank. Overdo or over-optimization of keywords can penalize your website or you will get a penalty kick from Google for violating their Search Quality Guidelines. To read the important SEO Basics : Read the Google’s Search Engine Optimization Starter’s Guide Ebook.
  2. Use correct keywords and implement them in your Title Tags and Meta Description to rank higher in search engines.
  3. Finding Buyer Keyword for Businesses : For businesses, finding keywords that brings traffic to your website is not enough. Because, you need to Generate Sales and convert the traffic into conversions to give people the exact solutions they are looking for and expecting from you. Therefore, you should look for Buyer Keywords. Here is the video link – i found by SEO RoadMap.
  4. You can also buy this ebook from Amazon to master your Keyword Research and finding the Buyer Keywords for your business: How To Find Profitable Buyer Keywords In 30 Minutes