“Keywords” are queries that users perform in Search Engines to generate results, and then search engines displays the most important and relevant search results based on user queries using more than 200 ranking factors list. Doing Proper SEO Takes lots of time and efforts and you can always refer to our Interesting List of Articles here :-

Now you can easily understand the importance of the choosing the right keywords for your blog/website that can help you get a lot of visitors and customers online for your business. Most Bloggers always get confused in choosing Keywords for their website or blog. Whether you are starting a online small business or large business the all you need is Keywords which are mainly important in SEO(Search Engine Optimization) field.

Nothing confuses a business owner with a website more than the concept of Keyword targeting. Ever since the changing rules for Keyword Research , Expensive Paid Tools like Semrush, Moz and the Google’s Policy Change of Hiding Keyword Data from the Adwords Keyword Tool.


Keyword research and selection is at the root of any good SEO strategy. If you are implementing SEO for your website, it doesn’t do much unless you select the right keywords for your link building campaign. We all want to increase traffic on our website and blog, but before declaring how to choose Keywords for website or blog know about What is Keywords as I mentioned in previous article.

Here’s following steps which are for choosing effective Keywords…


1. Research

Research, Research, Research which is a major steps for choosing keywords for your website or blog. Once you have completed your post and you have filled all SEO basics, then the first thing you must to do is search on Google related to your post and also observe what other sites are using. Start to think about the ways a prospect would search for your product or service. When formulating keywords make sure to carefully choose terms or phrases that are closely related to your post.

2. Look at Your Competitors’s Keyword

Just make the list of your competitors website and try to observe what Keywords they are using, it gives you more awareness regarding Keywords and SEO. There are many tools which work is to only observe other’s keywords and the such sites are Open Site Explorer, Semrush, Google Adword Keyword tool and many more. You can search more on Google.

3. Using Long-tail Keyword

Using of Long-tail Keyword that contain shorter high value keywords as your primary Keywords. Identify Long-tail keyword phrase that includes an exact match high value keyword string within it. Long-tail keyword  is just like normal keyword, but they consist of more words. Long tail Keywords are the better way to connect with customers, they are longer and more specific in nature than traditional keywords. So ,this one’s also a better option.

Know More about: “What is Long-tail Keywords

4. Content Strategy

Keywords should guide overall content strategy, this is also a great and important preceding tips. By creating content strategy since our keyword research reflect both what user are seeking and the way that the search engine think about keywords and that help to drive content strategy.

Tools For Creating Keywords for Website or Blog


1. Web Analytics

Web Analytics tool like Google Analytic will allow you to identify which organic search terms are already driving traffic to your website.This one is also a nice tool for creating Keywords for your website or blog.

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2. Google Adwords Keyword Tool

A Google Adwords Keyword tool is a great place to start. You can insert one keyword, multiple keyword or even your website address and Google will then return a list of related keyword. It is also a nice tool for creating keywords.

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3. Google Insight For Search

The Google Insight Search for search tool allows you to enter multiple keywords and filter by location, search history and category. You are then given result of related searches and phrases which comes from all over the world. It is very simple to use, and also a very important tool.

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4. Keyword Grader

Keyword tool which helps you to identify the perfect keywords for optimizing your site and also track result from each one and using of this tool is also has a advantage you can know which Keyword are actually bringing traffic and lead.

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Now, this post comes to an end, I Hope these methods and tools help you to create Keywords for your website and blog. If you find this post useful, Please comment below and Let me know.

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