A newbie in the field of WordPress has no idea on how to design a website as he is not aware of the top website design ideas and tutorials.

Website design becomes must after the installation of WordPress and after the creation of Database. Proper arrangement of Content, Navigation bar, menus, Ads etc. or you can also say perfect website designing plays a very crucial role in the development of a website for a long run.

Website Arrangement

Although coders can implement a perfect web design using their ability but what for non coders, so I have gathered some best website design ideas also they are very cheap design ideas as they are FREE of cost.

But before that if you are not aware of all the below mentioned recommended reading then its time to go through all these. (If are aware then go further below)

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Now let’s jump right in what are these FREE ideas:

Content Placement

The first and the foremost task is to find out the perfect location to place your online content infront of users.

The content which you deliver to users must be placed in a location where the user find comfortable to read and navigate. Its a very mandatory task to locate a perfect content placement space on your website.

Note: How to write your first post with great content

I think you are now probably wondering where to place content in the website.

Here’s the deal:

A bit Left from the Center:

The official and the widely used technique of content placement. Although the webmasters place the online content in this area which is a habitual location of all users in the industry.

A bit left from the center is the perfect location which all find comfortable to go through. With this practice we also a develop a space for ads and navigation menu placement.

A bit below from HEADER:

This is also a way through which you can make your content look dashing and awesome. Placement of the content a bit below header produces a very cool look.

A header is a place which contains your Logo, navigation bar and menus.

The online content must be below the header and Navigation bar so that the reader is clear about what he is reading all about.

This completes the first step in the arrangement of content quite decently and very smartly.

Let’s dig in further:

Designing a Perfect Navigation Bar

Yessss !.. Navigation bar loaded with menus is like giving users a direction to go through and find out more.

Just because of well furnished navigation bar and menus you can attract visitors and can deliver them the content which they are looking for.

If you want you can end the search queries of users through your navigation menus display. It is a very powerful tool to guide users to those content which they are not aware of.

Here I have compiled some tips & tricks to be done with Navigation bar so as to deliver an effective navigation and experience to your visitors.

Let’s have a look on all of them:

Make it SIMPLE:

blackberry navigation bar

Website navigation must be very simple, precise and relevant to your website content.

Use the very basic font and design so that each and every use can easily recognize the words placed in the bar and can navigate through them properly.

Just use 7-8 menu items, its because the more the menu items the more is the confusion and more are the chances for your users to get lost and get buried in the loads of content.

Take care of MENU ITEMS:

Be careful while placing and adding Menu items, add those items which you think are capable of driving lots of traffic and can stick users to your site for a long time.

Do not use long phrases as menu items, just add some very descriptive and short menus.

For example: ‘Contact Us‘ instead of ‘Our Contact details‘ and many such.

If possible use some words like ‘Support‘, ‘Store‘, ‘Get in touch‘, ‘Deals‘ etc. such words attract the users very much as my experience says.

HOVER EFFECT as an Indication:

This is also very important for a users to know where the cursor is and what does it indicates.

Hover effect will simply clarify the users that they are going to open an item which indicates this or that.

There is another way where you can make changes like whenever a cursor is placed on a menu item the text of the item gets bold and the background gets a bit light.

Hover effect makes user experience a bit more user friendly.

Avoid Multi Level DROP-DOWN MENUS:

Drop down menus in a navigation bar are sometime treated as good and easy, but sometimes become a headache when it comes to Multi level menus.

A user who want to go deeper in the menu must have to place the cursor on the exact sub item to successfully navigate to the deeper levels.

If you have precise content in your website then don’t go with Drop down menus but if you are enriched with many different pages and content then you have to go with drop down menus.

( for more see the screenshot below)

blackberry navigation drop down

Ads Placement for more revenue

Just getting an Adsense account doesn’t mean lifelong revenue, your revenue from Ads depends on their placement in your website.

There are some website with good content and navigation but are not able to generate huge revenue, so in this case ads placement can also be the factor.

A think to note that there are various areas for ads placement which will govern your revenue from ads just by clicks.

Here are some of the best tips for ads placement in a website:

In-between Content:

in between ads

This is a one of the best recipe to ripen fruits and earn a huge revenue from a website through ads placement. Ads in between the content increases the probability of clicks.

This is really a very effective way of attracting users towards ads.

Let’s take an example:

If a user is reading a post which tells him about the features of a web host and hosting service and in the mid you directly recommend him about any web hosting company like Bluehost, Hostgator etc. then there is a chance that the user would click on the ad and navigate to the official website.

In this way mid content ads are very much efficient in generating income to your blog.

Sidebars are also best:

We all know that ads in the sidebar is not the place which can generate instant and lots of revenue but its the most basic and popular place for advertisement.

According to me I think almost each and every website earning revenue from Ads model have placed their ads on the sidebars. Although its not mandatory to place ads there i.e. on the sidebar.

The problem with ads on sidebars is that they are often not even seen by a user surfing around. So it definitely reduces the chance of click through rate possibilities.

On the Header:

header ads

Yaa, its also a place where you can place your ads so as to attract user on the go.

Header is the first place which a user looks first as its the top of the page, so header can also generate income by click through rate.

Most probably ads on header are capable of Branding a company. Ads on the top will aware a user about the company of which the ad is. This basically helps a company to grow its game and name in the internet industry.

Take advantage of Pop Ups:

Now this is really one of the most annoying thing an admin does if he goes with pop up ads.

Pop Up ads are horrible and are most hated by a user, although pop up can increase your click through rate but in the long run it hurts your users and indirectly your website.

In some of the website which I visited have pop ups wherever you click on the website. Some new web pages will open up in the background with your one click. This is very much disturbing for each and every user as they find a bit annoying task on looking up for the ‘cross‘ button of the ad and close it.

So to win the trust of users its must that you avoid Pop up ads.

Basically, all the above 3 mentioned tactics are the very important and the foremost tips to take care of and to implement in the website at the very first time.

So, at last I just want to say that if your content is arranged in a very sweet manner than your website will get a rapid boom at a rapid pace. Visitors coming to your website will definitely praise the placement and arrangement of your content.

With this you will definitely get a hike in your income and revenue.

In the end if you have any suggestion regarding any of these or you have any more tip then do mention in your wonderful comments.