Are you trying to accelerate your website speed, then don’t forget the Cdn. There are several cdn available in the market. If you are looking for best and top cdn then you are on the right place.

This will not only affect your site speed but also enhance the storing capacity of website or blog. As everyone want that their website should  load fast, images can be proper optimized, higher qualities services from their media hosting companies and etc.

Best cdn

You had done many things to increase speed of website, As you smushed the images, Minified CSS and JavaScript, set up a Cache Plugin but still you’re not happy, then you might use top and best CDNs available in the market which I have mentioned below. You could also scratch out on the internet about cdn online which is also a option available for the genuine users, but inspecting about the CDN many of you, confused about the CDN network and your mind is creating distinctive questions like What is a cdn, What does cdn stand for and many more.

First, let me tell you more deeply about CDN..!!

What is CDN?

Content Delivery Network (CDN) is a system of distributed servers (network) that deliver webpages and other web content to a user based on the geographic locations of the user, the origin of the webpage and a content delivery server.”

So basically the role of CDN is very simple, what you don’t want is for your users to have to wait long periods of time while your photos or videos are downloaded.

A CDN caches static resources in disturbed servers (AKA edge caches, points of presence, or PoP’s) across a region or worldwide, thereby bringing resources closer to users and reducing round trip time.

Content Delivery Network Basics:

Why to Use CDN??

As I said earlier, everyone wants their website fast and easy navigate so user can easily navigate and can’t get rid of speed and all. So, using CDN is also a nice choice, its only for the users who are coming to your site.

Lets check the Example:

Suppose your site is from India, Delhi and someone is accessing your site from USA, Australia, Canada, China etc. then CDN are able to load your content from a local server instead of having to wait for it to be provided by your origin server. This going to help you many aspects and formations.

Top CDN Networks 2015


CloudFlare blogfruit 2015

CloudFlare protects and accelerates your website and once it’s part of the CloudFlare community, your web traffic is routed through its global network. It automatically optimizes the delivery of your webpages to achieve the fastest load times and best performance possible.

This is the classical CDN Network which can fulfill your all requirements. It can also give you the free trial that includes fast site performance, board security protection and powerful stats about your visitors.

Price of CloudFlare

  • CloudFlare Pro includes $20 per month for your first website, $5 per month for each subsequent website.
  • CloudFlare business includes $200 per month for each website.
  • CloudFlare Enterprise includes Averages $5,000 monthly.


Maxcdn blogfruit

MaxCDN is nice and popular Cdn that powers the site likes The Next Web, The Washington Times and WP Engine. The service has servers all over the world, including US, UK, China and Australia with more edge locations planned. MaxCDN has 53 peering partners in North America and Europe to minimize hopes between ISPs.

Price of MaxCDN

  • Basic start plan comes with 100 GB bandwidth for two websites for $9 a month.
  • The another plan which comes with 500 GB bandwidth, just for $39 per month.
  • Just spend $79 per month and gets 1 TB bandwidth which is also a nice option.
  • The 5 TB plan, which comes with $299 per month and its very expensive too.


Incapsula blogfruit

Incapsula is a cloud based application delivery platform. It uses a global content delivery network to provide website security, DDoS protection, load balancing and failover services to clients.

Once you activate Incapsula on your website through a DNS change, all traffic to your website is routed through Incapsula’s CDN. It also filters your incoming traffic from threats and accelerates its outgoing traffic.

Pricing of Incapsula

  • The personal account $19 per month which includes Bot Protection, CDN and advanced acceleration, Support for SSL websites, Login Protect.
  • The business one where you have to spend $59 per month which includes personal features plus Web Application Firewall, PCI Compliance Report, Backdoor Protection.
  • The Business+ account which is $299 per month which includes Business features plus Blocks Network DDoS Attacks, Block Application DDoS Attacks, Auto Detection & Triggering, Supports Custom SSL Certificates.

RackSpace Cloud Files

Rackspace blogfruit

RackSpace Cloud Files which is powered by OpenStack. It provides online object storage for files and media, delivering them globally at blazing speeds over a worldwide content delivery network. You can store as many files as you want- even very large files.

It is very reliable, fast and easy to use and it maintains three copies of each files. You can store and manage your files using our online control panel or desktop software or programmatically via the Cloud Files API.

Pricing of RackSpace Cloud Files

  • It starts at 10 cents for your first TB of storage and 12 Cents for your first TB of CDN bandwidth.
  • Outgoing bandwidth without CDN starts at $0.12/GB with discounts available for higher usage.
  • Over 10224 TB then you must contact with them, and make a deal.


EdgeCast blogfruit

EdgeCast Network is a Los Angeles, CA, based content delivery network. The company was founded in 2006, It is the world’s fastest and most reliable content delivery network.

The EdgeCast content delivery network is a distributed global network of thousands of servers built for speed, security and scalability. You can serve both dynamic and static content from an optimal CDN location, to deliver the fastest possible speed.

Price of EdgeCast

  • The network was built to deliver rich media quickly with live, on demand streaming capabilities in flash, Silverlight or HTTP.
  • The price is available upon the request, as customer demands on their usage and basis.


Cachefly blogfruit

CacheFly began as in 1999 as a response to the need for high quality, reliable file distribution for small software developers.

Working off the success of the platform and then after years of comprehensive testing and development, the CacheFly service was launched in March of 2005 to bring a new generation of customer access to the best in content delivery. It delivers the static objects on your website audio, video, files, CSS upto 10 times faster than other solutions and even though the company guarantees 100 percent network availability or your money back.

Pricing of CacheFly

  • There are so simple and affordable plans for CacheFly, the $99 per month plan included transfer 256 GB/Month.
  • The $299 per month plan which included transfers 1200 GB/Month.
  • The $409 per month plan which included transfers 2048 GB/Month.

CacheFly Review

Amazon CloudFront

Amazon Cloudfront blogfruit

Amazon CloudFront is a content delivery web service. It integrates with other Amazon Web Services products to give developers and businesses an easy way to distribute content to end users with low latency, high data transfer speeds, and no minimum usage commitments.

You can use your own domain name and your own SSL certificate to deliver content over HTTPS, as well as track trends in data transfers and requests. Also you can view the access logs to learn how, when, where and to whom your content is being delivered.

Pricing of Amazon CloudFront

  • The First 10 TB per month require $0.170
  • The next 40 TB per month requires $0.130
  • For 100 TB per month you have to spend $0.110


softlayer blogfruit

SoftLayer CDN service distributes content where it is needed. The first time content is requested; it’s pulled from the host server to the network and stays there for other users to access it. This allows for efficient delivery of content without paying extra storage fees for the CDN.

It provides 24 content delivery nodes around the world, in addition to the SoftLayer global footprint of 13 data centers and 17 additional network points of presence.

Pricing of SoftLayer

  • It starts with CDN bandwidth in $0.12/ GB per month.
  • The another one CDN SSL bandwidth just in $0.15/ GB per month.


CDN77 blogfruit

Whether you run a site or e-commerce, music videos or live events, it can accelerate it. The solutions are designed for businesses of all sizes, across a variety of industries. Not only this they support all major CMS software and include step by step instructions to guide you through everything.

They have 27 strategically positioned data centers around the globe. All servers are equipped with the latest SSD technology and constantly monitored by the expert engineers.

Price of CDN77

  • The $49 per month under 30 TB, and this price is only for US and Europe, the price are different for other countries.
  • For 31 to 100 TB you have to give $45 per month.
  • For 101- 500 TB the price is $35 per month.


Akamai blogfruit

Akamai is the leading cloud computing services and content delivery network provider for media and software delivery, application performance and many more. You can take advantage of the huge addressable market need for business that relies on the internet to conduct business. No one delivers more web traffic than Akamai and 90% of internet users are a single network hop way.

It delivers between 15 to 30% of all web traffic, more than two trillion interactions daily and is trusted by companies such as Adobe, NBC and Nintendo.

Pricing of Akamai

  • The pricing of Akamai is totally dependable on customer needs, what their requirements.


jsdelivr blogfruit

jsDelivr is a free Content Delivery Network where any web developer can host their files including CSS, fonts, JavaScript, jQuery plugins etc.

It is a public open source CDN where anyone can submit a project to be hosted and delivered by our network and by using GitHub; it allows the community to fully interact jsDelivr by adding and updating files. We are using 2 CDN providers, if any of them goes down, all traffic automatically will be switched to the remaining operational CDN.  The service is supported by CloudFlare and MaxCDN.

Price of jsDelivr

  • The price of jsDelivr is totally free.


limelight blogfruit

Limelight delivers your content on one of the world’s largest private CDN’s. It’s connected directly to hundreds of user access networks globally for a faster, better experience every time a user requests your content: app, game, software, video, or just about any other you’d want to deliver.

It deliver to multiple devices with today’s most popular protocols including HTTP progressive download, RTMP, HLS, HDS and MSS. It integrates with Orchestrate Cloud Storage for optimized cloud origin.

Pricing of Limelight

  • The Pricing of Limelight depends upon the customer need and request.

Now the post comes to an end, I had mentioned 16 Best CDN Networks around the globe which will definitely make your website fast and lead you towards the success within a short period of time.

Note: The Price of CDN Networks which I had mentioned above is not Fixed. It will be fluctuate either low or high, so if you are thinking to buy a plan of such network then must read policy of the company carefully.