Thinking about SEO ! What’s the first thing that comes to our mind ? Yes, “Backlinks”. Every one who owns a Blog/Website knows the value and the importance of Backlinks. Backlinks are the indicator that a website has a good reputation and owns a piece of trust in the major search engines.

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Now an important question arrives, How many Backlinks do your website own ? So to check the Backlinks there are many online websites but none of them has the exact count of the Backlinks. Now how to get the exact counter of the Backlinks ? Lets learn about checking the Backlinks in this post.


Many online tools and websites provides us the count of the Backlinks but the reputed and most trusted Online Websites are very few, lets check out the websites:

Ahrefs Site Explorer:

The name itself contains a HTML tag representing Hyperlink. It is best and the most used Online Website for exploring, analyzing and supervising a website Backlinks. These online tool can show all your Links, Linking domains, Anchor Texts etc. The website is updated in every 15 minutes counting all the Backlinks (approx 1.6 trillion unique external Backlinks) in the every 15 minutes. 


Simply visit the website and Enter the URL and click enter (or Login for more benefits ), you will find all the details of the website including links, Backlinks source, Social media interaction and many others. It is also helpful in checking the ranking of the keywords of your website.

Ahref also offers a Paid service that provides more queries and features including SEO report generator, tracker, domain comparison, batch analysis etc. Paid plans for the first month starts from $39-$40 and goes up to $79-$80 from next month.

Majestic SEO:

An advance online website that provides all the stats of the entire website within seconds. Registering with a free account enables you to compare up to 5 domains, chart of referring domains, Backlink sources, domain graph etc. With 10,000 users Majestic SEO is really a very trusted Online Backlink checker Website/Tool.


Excellent feature of Majestic SEO is the “Fresh Index” and the “History Index”, where in fresh index you can check all the Backlinks of past 90 days. For further you can check the history index.

For checking the Backlinks just enter the URL in the specified column followed by Enter button. All the relevant info for a free user would be shown on the screen. Majestic SEO also offers a paid service in which you will get the access to many advance features and options. Premium membership plans for users starts from $49-$50.

MOZ Open Site Explorer:

MOZ presents a very well developed robust online Backlink checker named “Open Site Explorer”. This is one of the favorite online tool among the users to check the Backlinks. It provides all the necessary information such as total Backlinks, Links source, page and domain authority etc.


Just insert the URL of the domain followed by the search key to go through all the details of linkings of the Website/Blog. It has advance features like MOZ rank similar to Google’s pagerank and MOZ trust to check the trust of the website.

Creating an account enables you to access some additional details. Usually the basic free plan is only for 30 days, after that you have to pay for the access of the tool. It offers its users a Pro service almost $99-$100 a month.

Backlink Watch:

An online tool for looking out all the Backlinks of a Blog/Website. The good thing about this online tool is that its totally free. Website owners can use this tool/website to check out their Backlinks, sources, quality links, visitor stats etc. It depicts all the nofollow or dofollow Backlinks of a website.


The thing which repels users from using the website are the massive amount of Ads. But overall its a very simple, easy and trustworthy online tool to find out all the Backlinks.

Google Analytics:

Having a Google analytics account is really a very positive approach towards a successful website/blog. If you have an Analytics account then just Login to your analytics Dashboard and select your Website.


Then under the “Standard Reports” option select the ‘Traffic sources’ option, then go to ‘Social’ and select ‘Trackbacks’ to watch all the Backlinks from the present and the previous months. ( Standard Reports > Traffic Sources > Social > Trackbacks )

The top, best and the most used Backlinks checker are mentioned in the post above. Use them for your convenience and for the regular updates on SEO of your Blog/Website.

Related Useful Tips:

  • Get all the necessary and exact information using Google Webmaster Tools. This tool not only shows the Backlinks but also total traffic, total errors in the website, indexed keywords, pages etc. Just verify your website at Webmaster and enjoy the benefits of the Tool.
  • Do download and use “NetPeak Checker” a free application which will show you all the relevant data like Page Rank, SEO data, linking root domains, Google page index, Social media reports etc. of your website.