Your online store is set up and ready to roll with just the WordPress website and a WooCommerce core plugin to go with it. Also: You can get fiber from oatmeal, but that doesn’t stop you from adding condiments to it, right?

In the above analogy, WooCommerce is the plain oatmeal: gets the job done, but could be better. Extensions add the spice. There are over 1 million online stores powered by WooCommerce, and the range of various functionalities they pack is simply staggering, thanks to countless combinations (and customization) possible with these modules.


In this post, we take a look at 5 fantastic WooCommerce extensions that help enhance eCommerce on WordPress. The prices given here are annual subscription rates for the extension, updates, and support on a single website.

Take a look:

1.     Table Rate Shipping

Price: $199

There’s no “one size fits all” solution when it comes to shipping, especially in a global market. When your buyer is literally on the other side of the globe and the shipping costs more than the price of their purchases, you have high cart abandonment rates. On the other hand, low shipping rates will eat away at your margins like maggots.

WooCommerce by default doesn’t have as many configurations as you would like for shipping rates, but that’s what Table Rate Shipping extension is for.

This module gives you configuration settings for shipping rates based on location, total cost, weight, and item count. It lets you:

  • Create “zones” for shipping destinations and set multiple sets of tables for each of them
  • Define table rate calculation method based on order, item, line, class (clothes, books, gadgets, and so on), etc. and rules for weight, item count, etc.
  • Add more rows for costs based on item, weight units, etc.

This extension can be customized to set and configure shipping rates for promotional purposes.

2.     Dynamic Pricing

Price: $129

In the information age, price comparison is no biggie. Splurging is fine, but customers don’t usually give up a bargain when they find one.

The Dynamic Pricing extension lets you make your product sales price more attractive to potential buyers. The module gives you configuration settings for advanced pricing rules. This is perfect for promotional offers like Flash sales, clearance sales, discounts based on cart total and/or number of items ordered, ordering a promoted set/bundle of items, brand-specific promotion, exclusive discounts to long-time customers (or new ones), and more.

The prices and discounts can be configured based on user roles, product categories, etc.

Essentially: this is perfect WooCommerce extension for a marketer who knows the pulse of their audience.

3.     Product Bundles

Price: $49

These go so smoothly with the dynamic pricing extension…

The Product Bundles module lets you boost your product sales with cross-selling. The principle is simple: you group a bunch of related (read: complementary) products together, add a discount, and watch as your sales skyrocket.

The difference between this extension and standard WooCommerce product bundle feature is that the module synchronizes your sales and makes stock management for these combos easy. The extension works with simple, variable, and subscription products and has advanced settings to exclude variations of product.

For a dynamic bundles and more advanced version to let users build their own kits, try Composite Products extension instead which costs $79.

4.     WooCommerce Social Login

Price: $79

If a person is shopping online, it’s generally safe to assume that they also have a social media account.

Asking for registration (especially if you require your customers to sign up right before checkout) will not result in happy feelings and un-abandoned carts. This is one of the most important lessons in Conversion Rate Optimization… heck, it’s important for User Experience “to reduce the number of steps your visitor/potential customer must take to achieve their goal”.

Don’t let this glaring oversight put a damper on your customers’ moods (and sales): let them login via their social media account instead. This is made possible with WooCommerce Social Login extension.

This little tool practically reduces the entire sign-up form filling fuss to a painless one-step login process. The module lets customers login through Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn… or for the less social media savvy online shoppers: PayPal and even Amazon accounts.

There are individual plugins making a fortune from their own sales, that’s how essential this feature is. But since you can’t count on a 3rd party plugin to be completely compatible with your WooCommerce setup, you’ll want this friendly extension instead.

It works better than those plugins could anyway.

5.     Checkout Field Editor

Price: $49

WooCommerce has a standard checkout form that covers all the basics and essentials. But what happens when you need more information, or when you decide that too many form fields are unnecessary and may be causing buyer-friction (bad UX)?

That’s where the Checkout Field Editor module becomes useful. This extension gives you the power to edit your checkout form by editing the fields: no coding necessary.

There are different fields available: text (names, addresses, etc.), select (cities and countries, and more), checkboxes (additional options) and date pickers (birthdays, delivery dates, etc.).

It’s a must for every UX-savvy online seller.


It’s almost laughably simple. But hey, the ease is why we love WordPress and WooCommerce in the first place.

And remember, if you need anything edited; just hire a WordPress developer from your friendly….neighborhood (in its entirety) made up of helpful coders.