No doubt, Blogging has been evolved much in recent times as it was 5-7 years ago. Lots of students and professionals are now opting Blogging as the full time Profession. No doubt, if you can achieve results with  than it is atleast 100x better than your day job, but the only question is IF.

Blogging needs a lot of time, dedication and hard work and is not for lazy people who spends a lot of time doing nothing online. Blog takes time to grow before it can start generating some revenue.


But blogging is not hard either, you can earn any amount with it. So Let’s Dive into the Pool full of Blogging Things.

Today’s Challenge : Starting a Blog in under 5 Minutes with Bluehost

How Fast you can Start your Own Blog and let’s assume that you know nothing about Blogging. Here is what you need as requirements :

  1. A domain Name
  2. A web Hosting Server
  3. A Debit / Credit Card or a Paypal Account for Payment

No doubt, Bluehost is one of the best Web Hosting Providers that has a very huge reputation with 100% uptime guarantee, unlimited disk-space and bandwidth. With the bluehost’s technology, you can start a blog in under 5 minutes from registering a domain to a fully working website.

This is an older tutorial that will show you how to Install WordPress Professionally from cPanel Hosting.

If you are thinking to start a new blog and you are confused where to start it then you might on the right place. If you are newbie in blogging and don’t have much experienced in blogging field, then such question arises in your  mind where to start a blog or how to start blogging??

Every blogger needs a platform to share its content and their delightful ideas and WordPress is the best content management software where you can share each and everything related to blogging. Though you have other options like , , TypePad, and Tumblr, but really there is no comparison with the self-hosted platform of

You can read out this interesting article : Vs

When you have the Platform then you must need a web hosting too and talking about the best hosting which includes the branded companies like Bluehost, Ipage, Hostgator, Inmotion, Webhosting hub etc.


But after hearing such branded companies you definitely get puzzled and perplexed as they are categorize with different features and modules, Selecting a web Hosting is not a easy task, and specially if you are beginner.

There are many hosting which is aspected different with their features, prices and services. Its on you, if you are thinking for a big business then you must need a good Web hosting with unlimited bound and disk space, don’t be a miser while buying web hosting.

They often think about the customer as The customer is a rear-view mirror, not a guide to the future. In this case I’d endorse you to go with Bluehost which is best hosting company as they are reliable, compatible in every field.

Lets have a look why to choose Bluehost only..

Bluehost- A Finest Webhost


Bluehost is a web hosting company which is owned by the Endurance International Group, it is one of the 2o largest web hosts and controlling web hosts over 1.9 million.

Bluehost is the oldest web hosts since 90s, and with their extra ordinance support and features, they have created a different role in the web hosting field and within a short period of time, Bluehost became the largest brands in the field of hosting.

Feature of Bluehost

1. Host Unlimited Domains on one hosting Account

Yes, this is very interesting you can use unlimited domains in one hosting which is a mind blowing feature of Bluehost, they do each and everything to satisfy their customers. So, this feature will also attract you towards the Bluehost.

2. Unlimited disk Storage and Bandwidth

Bluehost gives a tremendous feature to their clients which will make you to buy the Bluehost, you will get unlimited disk storage and bandwidth which is a great feature of bluehost so, you can enjoy this feature if you are thinking to buy Bluehost.

3. Free Lifetime Domain name Registration

While going with Bluehost, they give you the free lifetime domain name registration and this plays a crucial role which attracts different users towards Bluehost worldwide. Not only this here you can save some of your penny.

Going with this web host can serve you one free domain with any of Bluehost shared hosting package.

4. Customer Support

Bluehost customer support is another strong point in the checklist of features. You can call them anytime, they can serve you their service 24X7 for all the 365 days which is a remarkable support from Bluehost support team.

If you are facing any problem regarding installing, file transferring issue, DNS Server updates then there is no need to worry as you have the full lifetime support from the team just call or mail them.

5.Free Unlimited email accounts, webmail

Bluehost gives you a wonderful feature and it is one of them where you can get free unlimited email accounts, webmail where you can manage your Cpanel within several web mail and email accounts.

6. Free Shopping cart software and merchant account

Bluehost which is one of the top ten web hosting company in the world. It gives you the service like free shopping cart software and merchant account which is also a nice option of Bluehost. The several hosting coupon gives you a more benefits while purchasing.

I think that’s plentiful features which make you to go with Bluehost, don’t get stuck with another web host.

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Things requirement for Starting a blog

1. First a fall purchase a Domain name, from a reputed company like Go daddy, 1 & 1 and Name Cheap.

2. Then after purchasing a Domain, you must need a Web hosting, buy web hosting from a reputed company like Blue host, Hostgator and Ipage.

3. Now, After buying you have completed 70 percent task. The all you have to do is shifting and transfer.