Google have number of algorithm to rank websites in the top pages in their algorithm and one of such approximately big list of 200 algorithms is “PageRank” to rank websites in the Google search engine.

Basically, a Page Rank of a website determines the trust factor of Google in that Particular website. The more the Page Rank, the higher is the Trust.

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A higher Page Rank means you have an Authority Website – A strong Position in terms of Internet and Blogging World. It takes time to build Authority websites and it depends on a variety of factors.


You can use Page Rank to see a website or blog importance, which Google calculates based on things like the number of links leading to that website or blog. Pages with high rank are more likely to appear in Google first search page.

This is done by with a complication and different math equation method. According to Google, Page Rank was named by Larry Page one of the founders of Google.

It is measure from 0 to 10 and all are based on backlinks. In simple words PageRank  is a ranking system developed by the Google that divides the authority of web-page based on the number of links pointing to it. It is commonly called PR in short.

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Introduction Of Page Rank By Matt Cutts:

 Why is PageRank Important ?

PageRank is an Algorithm, not a metric and its primarily depends on you, how can you make a Backlink on other webpages. PageRank with a high rank has a more chance to come first on Google Search Page. Every one wants good PR, and its more difficult to get PR.


The big problem is that Page Rank updated in a year once and its all about the Google decision, talking about this session 2014, since there is no PR update yet.

Update : Google has announced that maybe now there will no more PR Update in the future. A Bad news for new bloggers for the future.

here is the official video from Google’s Mueller :-

In the field of online marketing many people go with the selling and buying links to get PR in short time. But, earning high PR links is a wrong way which lead to risk penalty or cause a loss of your own PR.

What’s Your PageRank?


There are many ways to find out, what your PageRank is. The one is “Google Toolbar” which is very best tool for knowing our PageRank but in this case PageRank feature is not turned on by default, so first you have to install it and make it enable.

 And the another tool for finding a PageRank is “Website Grader” (also known as Marketing Grader)which tells you status of your PageRank and other features too. So, use such tools for knowing your Page Rank.

Don’t confuse in “0” PR, Google also give a Page Rank zero to many sites which mean you entered in the list of Google Search algorithm. Page Rank is like a badge of honor or medal.

Be sure not to believe in any website,  which takes money to get Page Rank, all are fake and fraud. Google doesn’t like paid links so, do not buy or sell backlinks.

 How to Get PR ?


Focus and Update Your Website Regularly: 

Just write useful and original content for your blog or website, and never copy the content from any other site. If you write articles by own, it makes the reader to spend more time on your website or blog and also give a chance to share in their friend circle. So, say “NO TO COPY”

Submit Your Site on Web Directories:

Directory like DMOZ, Yahoo Directory, Ezine Article and many more are very popular and  free best submit directories sites. You can  submit your site on such directories to get good PR. Submitting a Directories is very simple and sober task, You should only have to fill details according to your need and requirement, and always remember to choose high quality backlinks to submit your website.

Social Bookmarking :

Social Bookmarking which is very efficient method to increase PageRank. The goal is to search Social Bookmarking websites where you can  share your blog or website. There are many Social Bookmarking sites like Facebook, Hub Pages, Pinterest, Classmates, Stumble Upon, and many more.

With the helps of Forums:

Be in touch with famous and fashionable forums where you can share your answer and ideas. By solving mystify answers, you have a good chance to get backlink from those Forum sites and it leads to increase in PR.

Commenting on Blog or Websites:

The very much short and simple process, just comment on blog or website which has a good Page Rank. Commenting is a way to get good backlinks. But always remember , don’t comment for creating a link only. Example if site is related to technology with a  Google Page Rank 7, and you are commenting like “Great Article, love your Post  bla bla”  it counts a spam comment and it won’t be approved so, don’t waste your time by writing such comments. Always comment on related post.

How Do PageRank Updates Work?

I think these are the major steps to increase your Page Rank and also rise number of visitors. If I missed  any tool or any tips then don’t hesitate to share below in the comment box, Hope this post will help you. Keep on Blogging..!!

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Related Useful Tips

1. After the discontinuation of the PageRank Service by Google, now people starts replying on the 2nd best option for checking the ranking criteria called Moz Rank which is measured in terms of Page Authority, Domain Authority and MozRank. It works same like Google Pagerank and gives you important measure about the competition analysis of a particular keyword or page. Learn the keyword basics here now/.

2. A higher Pagerank or MozRank doesn’t necessarily means that no one cannot beat that organic listing in search results and you should never target that highly competitive keyword. It should be your strategy to focus that keyword also, but when you website starts performing well in the search engines.

3. The reason why Google will not be updating the Pagerank Toolbar is the pretty simple to understand. To avoid the Spam, Selling Link Services, passing do-follow backlinks pagerank juice and link exchanges. Most people in the past uses sneaky and not allowed practices for exchanging links and used bad practices to influence the search rankings, therefore Google should have decided to take this factor into consideration, but not publicly anymore.

Did we missed something ? Or you are not agree with something. Do let us know what do you say by leaving a comment below.