People are always confused in Long tail Keywords, they often think about it and don’t use them in their posts thinking that they won’t drive much traffic. But in reality, the Long Tail Keywords are the best and most profitable keywords that are very good source of driving traffic to any website or blog.

In short the Long tail  keyword definition is that type of Keyword phrase that has at least three and sometimes as many as five words in the phrase.

Whenever a user uses a highly specific search phrase and keywords, they tend to be looking for exactly what they are actually going to buy.


Keywords are like trees and Long tail Keywords are there leaves both are essential in respective field. Long tail keywords are the better way to connect with customers which performs a specific role and function.

If we talk about the Long Tail Keywords 2015 scenario then people searches on Google a long tail keywords and short tail keywords to get a direct result and mostly prefer to go with the Long ones.

Note: In previous article I have mentioned about Keyword Rules and Regulation , if you don’t know about Keywords then go and check it once because it is more important to know basics of Keywords because without it, Long tail keyword are incomplete and unnecessary.

Now, lets explore the Long tail Keywords using the Simple Mathematical Calculation :-

If you want to target a keyword called “App Store” – Most probably the chances are you will never list yourself up more than Android and iOS App Store. Therefore a better idea is to rank for keyword specific terms such as – alternate app stores, discover android apps without google play etc. 

So basically, these are termed as long tail keywords and these are more customer specific who are searching for particular keywords.

If 1 long tail keyword has 100-550 monthly searches and you have 100 posts in your websites. Then you can easily generate atleast 10,000 unique visitors a month if you rank #1 for all your long term keywords. Therefore, its always wise choice to start targeting the “Long Tail Keywords” as they are much better and easier to target for driving traffic to your website.

What are Long Tail Keywords?

 “Longtail keywords are longer and more specific keyword phrases that visitors are more likely to use when they’re closer to a point-of-purchase. They’re a little bit counter-intuitive, at first, but they can be hugely valuable if you know how to use them”

It is just like normal keyword, but they consist of more words and the relevance. Keyword researching is one of the most important task, beneficial and high return activities in the search marketing field.

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Long tail Keywords are the better way to connect with customers, they are longer and more specific in nature than traditional keywords.

So, this one’s also same if you compare with normal Keywords but they perform differ role in the specific path and ways.

I’ll tell you how to work with Long tail Keywords on your site to benefit and enhance your customers but first a fall have a look of Long tail Keywords example.

Long Tail Keyword Examples

Normal Keyword -“Cheap Motels”

Long Tail Keyword- “Cheap Motels in Las Vegas”, “Cheap Motels in Delhi”, “Cheap Motels in New York”.

Benefits of Long Tail Keywords


Now, after getting the information on Long tail Keywords people usually search its benefits and advantages why they should go with Long tail Keywords which is general term for generating the traffic.

If we talk about SEO Experts they also focused on the big Keywords to make the perfect SEO strategy and Long tail keywords SEO, as it determine Keywords which are long and large, contains a more keywords has the more advantage and relevancy if we compare with the short ones.

The 90% of people don’t choose Keywords while writing post, and the rest of 10% focused on Keywords but forget to  scratch Long tail Keywords.

There is generally less average search volume, or the number of times users search a query at search engines against these phrases.

So, lets enlight the benefits of Long tail Keywords.

Either you have the small blog or Big one’s the all you need is the help of Long tail Keywords which can make your business more profitable and could engaged more and more traffic.

1. Better Quality and Genuine Traffic

Traffic, Yes, the very first and important using of Long tail Keyword is Traffic, because if your website has the correct and exact phrase that the searcher typed embedded within its content, you will show up in the Search Engine Result Page(SERPs) and it will increase traffic toward your website. As you all know visitors coming through search engine are very valuable.

2. Less Competition

Long tail Keywords generally have less competition in the search engine result. The more competitive a keyword is, the more difficult its going to be to rank for it. While there may be low search volumes, they give you better chance of ranking higher on Google search engine results page because there are few competitor using them. So, it can push your business and performs a significant role.

3. Easy to Find

Yes, the Long tail Keyword found easily without any problem you could discover new words and ideas by using some long tail tools and the person who want to find something relevant then he Googles the mostly long tail keyword which brings many advantages to the user and your website has the chance to come up in the SERP result.

4. Website Authority and Faith

By using Long tail keywords you can increase your website’s authority and trust. Many of people searches how to get  on first page of Google and trying to get number 1 and the all credit goes to Keywords which are lifeline of the website. So, choose the long tail keywords and sharp your site’s SEO.

How to Use Long Tail Keywords

How to Find Long Tail Keywords?

Finding a  Long tail keyword is not hard task, am telling you how to find keywords manually and automatically, first have a look manually, focus on such steps which are mentioned below. By this you can double your traffic within a short period. Following steps are

1. Look at your site analytics to learn which organic keyword referral bring traffic to your site which is very major point.

2. Google Keyword tool and Twitter Search are the other good ways to find Long tail Keywords.

3. Pay attention to the list of Google Related Searches at the bottom of the first page of search result.

4. You can use several tool for finding Long tail Keywords such as WordTracker, Hit tail, Google Auto Suggest and many more.

5. Think like a user, just think if you are user what you search on specific product and item.

Long Tail Keywords Tool


Now, apart manually just go with the automatically which i mean go with some Long Tail Keywords tools which are worth buying to find Long tail keywords, just have a look..

1. Google Auto Suggest Keyword tool

This is a tool by keyword tool dominator and opposite like a adwords keyword tool, this free tool will let you download keywords in .CSV format, this tool is not so difficult to handle, you can also find new and multi keywords for your post to make it valuable.

So, you can go with this tool if you want to find new keywords or Long tail Keywords.

2. Amazon Keyword tool

The Amazon Keyword Tool is a free keyword tool used to find long tail keywords directly from amazon. It is also powered by the keyword tool dominator. You can search for a keyword limited to 3 search per day but this tool is not that popular, people searches very low.


It is a popular and famous SEO keyword tool where you can find new keywords, Long tail Keywords and Short one, it is loaded with lot of features like KEI(Keyword Effectiveness Index), IAAT(Keyword in Anchor Text), You just have  to create a free account on Word Tracker and enjoy the effective features.

4. Hit tail

Hit tail is a organic software or tools which generates the long and short tail keywords, it guarantees to increase your organic traffic by focusing on the most promising keywords in your existing traffic. It is launched in 2006 by providing multi features to the users.

5. Google Autocomplete Tool

This tool is handled by the Google which will let you easily find long tail keywords in any niche, and not only the long one you could also find a short tail keywords with it. The all you need to do is write any keyword in the Search box and analyze the another keyword. So, this tool is very dominating for finding keywords.

6. Uber Suggest

Uber Suggest is very incredible tool for generating keywords and in the field of Long tail keywords this tool has very good name and review. It is very easy tool you just have to write any keywords and observe the similar ones. So, its best for generating ideas for your long tail keywords.

7. Long Tail Pro

Long tail Pro sounds very familiar, if you are looking for a offline based solution then this tool is might for you, It is a excellent based desktop software where you can find different keywords and words but the symptom of this tool is, it is paid. You have to loose some dollars to enjoy this tool.

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