Keyword Research is the most dominant, authoritative and the crucial element in SEO of any website. Therefore, we have prepared a Comprehensive Guide for Keyword Research using latest tricks and techniques in 2015.  Without a Proper Keyword Research Strategy, all your online efforts won’t work much. So, if you are thinking of doing a powerful SEO then there is an urgent need to do a powerful keyword research.

 Keyword Research

What is Keyword Research ?

Keyword research in basic means an exercise which is usually done by bloggers, SEO professionals etc. to discover out the exact searched terms which people probably enter in the search engines to carry out their search related to any topic.
Doing a keyword research is neither a easy nor a difficult task, its just you need to have a proper understanding of the concept. If you are able to grab the concept then you can rule the SEO industry.
Driving traffic to a blog nowadays has really become a bit tough task as competition in the Internet industry has been intensified, so there is an increasing demand to identify accurate, specific, unique, high gear keywords for your blog.
After all the readings its definite to have some doubts like ‘How to search for traffic enrich keywords’ or ‘Which keyword research tool should be used’  bla bla bla…
This keyword research guide is here to help you out, which will provide you simple yet very powerful guidelines to hold in the mind when you are going for a keyword research.
Lets kick this process off !
  • Generate Ideas
 In this step the basic idea is to render hot topics related to your business. Think of the subject which is important to grow your business in the industry. Generate trending ideas scratching out the World Wide Web.
If you blog on regular basis then generate ideas on the topics which you are going to serve the readers.
Look out for different ideas by checking out the competitors ideas and logic’s used by them for the topics.
You can also generate ideas related to your niche, scratch out for topics which are based on your niche. This topics can give you a boost towards the generation of ideas for further research.
For example:
If you are going to buy shoes, then you are definitely going to think of the ‘Brand’ ‘style’ ‘type of shoes ‘etc.
Compile all the ideas and pull out the basis of the ideas generated, so in this way you will reach to a point where you will a tub full of ideas for your blog.
  • Yield Keywords from Ideas
After generation of Ideas now it becomes easy to generate keywords from them.
Look out for words, phrases which will become the base of your blog that would help you rank in the search results also called SERPs.
Generate keywords which you think the potential users might search for the particular topic.
Let me give you an example:
If you are looking for search engine optimization ( SEO) then definitely you are going to look out ‘SEO’ in the search box.
Similarly, its not that you check out for only short tail keywords, long tail keywords are also very much beneficial for your blog.
If you are searching for the definition of keyword research then the search you are going to perform would definitely be
  • ‘what is keyword research’
  • ‘definition of keyword research’.  
  • ‘meaning of keyword research’.
This are the words, phrases which most probably the half of the population would be going to use. This phrases when ranked in the search engines would surely develop the flow of traffic to your blog.
You can also use the Google auto-complete function to check out relevant words and phrases. Not only this but you can also check out the Related searches in Google to get a brief idea on which keywords to select.
So search for a list of short tail and long tail keywords that are going to feed you traffic from the search engines.
  • Search Keywords using Keyword Research Tools
Its only because of the keyword research tools hunting of traffic rich keywords has become an easy task to perform. This tools are built only for the betterment of the bloggers to engage more and more traffic towards their blog using their brainwave.
The very first and the foremost keyword research tool is the Google AdWords: Keyword Planner’, similarly there are many online tools to do a keyword research like UberSuggest, etc. You can even use Google Trends for more keywords.

1.Google AdWords: Keyword Planner

It is one of the favorite, most trusted, and amazing tool for the keyword research in depth. Majority of people who frequently do keyword research find a place in the Keyword Planner.
The tool is a free keyword research tool which offers features similar to the premium tools.
After looking at the aspects this is one of the best keyword research tool. Lets see the features mentioned below.
Salient Features
  • Generates a list of keywords by combining both long tail and short tail keywords.
  • Know about Competition on each and every keyword.
  • Get the estimated Bid on every keyword you search.
  • Discover the approximate traffic for keywords
  • Find out the the average monthly searches.

2. UberSuggest

A tool that offers keywords based on alphabets and different users queries. This is a free keyword research tool that really makes a proper use of suggest services.

Lets have a look on the coolest features it offers.

Salient Features

  • Instantly access thousands of keyword ideas.
  • Suggests many related keywords

Now lets dig the powerful tools one by one to get a clear view on the keyword research.

How to use Google AdWords Keyword Planner with UberSuggest

Step 1The first step is to visit, there you will find a search box, drop-down menus and a CAPTCHA box.

Step 2: Write down the keyword you want to research in the box, after that select your language and check out the source beside it, now just enter the CAPTCHA and click on the ‘suggest’ tab for keyword suggestions.

Step 3After a while on the next page you will find a long list of keyword suggestions, click on any of the keyword for more suggestions on that keyword.

Step 4: Now just click on the ‘+‘ symbol beside the keyword for your campaign, If you want to select all keywords at once then just click on the ‘select all keywords’

ubersuggest-keyword-research  ubersuggest-keyword

Now after selecting all keywords navigate to the right hand side a bit below, you will find two options ‘Get’ & ‘Clear’, click on Get tab to copy all the keywords in one go. ( see the screenshot below).


Step 5: If you have selected the keywords now its time to take the help of Google AdWords.

Step 6: Login to your Google AdWords account and navigate to the Tools section. In the Tools section go to ‘Keyword Planner’.

Step 7: In the keyword planner section go to ‘Search for keyword and ad group ideas‘, write down the keyword you are looking for, after that click on ‘Get Ideas’ link to get a list of Ideas on various keywords.

google keywords research

Step 8: The default list opened will be ‘Ad group Ideas‘ beside that you will find a tab of ‘Keyword Ideas’, click on that you will see a list of new keywords.

Step 9On the keyword tool page you will find the keyword report that is searched in Google with their:

  • ‘Average monthly searches’
  • ‘Competition’
  • ‘Suggested Bids’ ( mine is in INR ).
  • ‘keyword plan’ etc.of the respective keyword.

Step 10: Any keyword that is suitable for you i.e competition is low, suggested bids and average monthly searches are high will definitely suit you.

Choose the keyword and click on the  ” Add to plan (>>)” button to select the keyword for your research and put them in your plan. On the right hand side you will find all the selected keywords with all the info.

Step 11: As we have selected the keywords from ubersuggest now its time to implement them, paste all the selected keywords in the adword keyword tool and click on the ‘ get search volume’.

You will find many different keyword ideas with the new list of keywords, select which are favorable for your Blog and add them to your plan.

Step 12: On the right side you will find an option of ‘Download plan’, click on it to download the entire plan with all critical information mentioned. Adwords keyword tool also has the download option so that you can save a copy of your researched keywords.


Keyword Planner’s Advanced Options

The tool is favorable for all type of businesses whether its limited to a particular region or to some regions.

Lets see how you can use all the advanced options.

On the left side of the Google keyword planner yow will find a Targeting menu.


In the targeting menu there are many sub-menus based on locations, language and many more.

  • In the ‘All locations‘ option you can either choose all location or can choose some particular locations as suitable for your niche.
  • In the ‘All languages‘ option you will find the language which is specific to your location and area.

You can also check out the results from Google and also from other Google partners.

  • Below there is a sub-menu of ‘Date range‘, check out the average monthly searches between any specific months.


Going a bit below you will find an option named ‘Customize your Search’.

  • In the ‘keyword filters’ option you can set your average monthly searches, set your suggested bids either greater than or less than any specific amount. Also possible to set the competition.
  • Now in the next sub-menu i.e. ‘keyword options’ switch on or off the buttons according to your choice.
  • Next you can also filter out all keywords which are not fit for your blog using ‘keywords to include’.

After you have targeted your audience in the targeting menu now click on the get ideas tab and get ideas related to your region.

The targeting option is really very amazing as there is no partiality with anyone, whoever can choose whatever he/she likes and dislikes.

Now coming to ‘Paid Search Campaign’ do nor forget to look out for the ‘Display Planner’


Similar and also an UberSuggest alternative, lets have a look on it.


This is also one of the best and free keyword research tool in the list of keywords research tools.

In this tool you just have to enter the required term and search the keyword. There is also an option to choose which country you are going to target straight ahead on the main page.

After the search you will find many keywords on the page, just copy all the keywords which you find suitable for your blog.

Then, similarly go to Google keyword research tool i.e the keyword planner and paste all the keywords in the search box. You will find many keywords and many suggestions based on the keyword.

This tool has also the feature of searching the keywords in YouTube, Bing, App store. If you Login to then you can get access to many more options.

4. Google Trends

Use of Google trends for the keyword research is really a very unique and tricky trick to search keywords  for your blog.

Google Trends keyword research tool is a tool which will always aware you of the latest and trending topics which people are looking for in Google.

How to use Google Trends as Keyword research tool

Keyword research using Google Trends is so darn easy, just go to the in your browser.


Once you have landed on the page search for the term or the keyword phrase you are looking for in the search box and click on the ‘Search Trends’ option.

On the next page you will a very nice and colorful page loaded with Graphs, charts which will define the searched term that was used in Google for over the past time. Google Trends shows you the exact term which people use more than any other term.

In Google Trends you can compare many different searched terms at a time, you will also find a well defined graph between the terms showing the interests over the time.


Its only disadvantage is that it will not provide the exact number of times the term was searched in Google. For that you have use the keyword planner.

Use of Google trends is quite easy and efficient. This tool can be used to gather ideas which are in trend that means that you can boost you keyword research along with the trending topics.

Lets have look on some other top keyword research tools ( including Premium tools also)
* Bing Keyword tool This tool is also an important tool  for keyword research, click on it learn more.
*  SEMrush This tool is bit different from other tools as it has a unique property. Just click on it.
*  WordTracker  Keyword research with this tool becomes a bit easy. Do click it.
* Long Tail Pro  It shows all info pulled up from Google keyword planner.
*  Majestic SEO  It is also premium but counted among the best tool for keyword research
*  Soolve  This tool captures all the trending topics from major websites.
 The above mentioned tools are really the most used and impressive tools in the field of keyword research.
In the end we just come to the conclusion that GAKP with Ubersuggest and can generate superb and fantastic results.
Start using the trick and trick your competitors by some creative keywords.
Guys, if you have and other nice trick for keyword research then do mentioned it in your comments.