You are pretty lucky, if you are using WordPress as your CMS. Because , creating a website Mobile Friendly is very easy when using WordPress plugins is super easy as cutting a piece of Pie.

Although manual coding can serve the purpose but not all WordPress users are Coders. WordPress plugins has made life easier for the non-coders. Each and everything you are thinking of can happen in WordPress.

Looking at the ongoing trend, Smart phones usage is burgeoning. It has doubled or tripled from the past few years.

Therefore, mobile version of a website has become a must priority for all leading business. Not only big scale business but also for the small businesses.

If I am not wrong small business are really very much serious for a mobile compatible website after looking at the usage hike of cell phones.

As we all know that it is not possible for all small scale business to make a mobile app and run their mobile business so to overcome this problem we’ve accumulated an excellent list of excellent WordPress plugins for creating a mobile friendly site.

This guide will guide you to the list of best WordPress mobile friendly plugins collections. Let’s have a track on the entire guide.

1. WPtouch


WPtouch Mobile Plugin is one of the best, most downloaded and recommended plugin. The plugin is available for Free but to enjoy all the benefits then it’s also available in Premium.

The premium version of the plugin offers tons of features to make a user friendly mobile friendly website.

Features of WPtouch Mobile Plugin

  • Fast, Fully mobile responsive plugin
  • Ease of access
  • Loaded with beautiful and professional Themes
  • Web-App mode for mobile app
  • Easy switching between mobile & web based website
  • Recommended by Google

These features are just the trailer of the plugin if you want the entire guide of the plugin along with installation, configuration then just click here.

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2. WP Mobile Detector Mobile Plugin


Yeah… This is also one of the plugin that holds your hand when you are looking for mobile friendly plugins. It is the plugin which detects the mobile of the user whether it’s a smart phone or not.

This plugin also offers thousands of features to look at:

Features of WP Mobile Detector Mobile plugin

  • Automatic detection of Smart or any Standard Phone
  • Detects beyond 5000 mobile phones
  • Fully featured pre-installed themes
  • Automatic customization of images
  • Loaded with mobile traffic statistics
  • Recommended by Google

3. MobilePress Mobile plugin


This mobile friendly plugin is very simple to use for. The plugin furnishes a mobile friendly environment to the users. It remodels your entire blog into a mobile friendly blog whenever a user visits your website from a smartphone.

Features of MobilePress Mobile plugin

  • Easy to implement and configure the plugin
  • Apply custom themes for custom mobile devices
  • Supports almost all browsers
  • Provides a full furnished mobile interface

4. Mobify


Mobify the name means to be completely mobile friendly. The WordPress mobile plugin helps you to reconstruct your website to a mobile version.

The plugin is used by many of WordPress users and really are satisfied by the service and features.

Features of Mobify Mobile plugin

  • User Friendly with Graphical user interface
  • Just few minutes and you are done with the plugin
  • Mobile Commerce platform for eCommerce websites
  • Both Free and Premium, where premium is of $249/month
  • Supported with Mobile traffic analytics

5. Jetpack Mobile Theme


This is a multi-talented plugin with lots of inbuilt features. One of the best features it beholds is the built-in mobile theme. Just configure the mobile theme and you are almost done with mobile friendly website.

Features of Jetpack Mobile Theme

  • Applicable to and for mobile devices
  • Customization of theme to a great level
  • Allows adding custom headers and backgrounds
  • Custom menus configuration
  • Loaded with Sidebars and Widgets

6. Duda Mobile Website Builder


This WordPress plugin creates a mobile responsive website using the advance tool the Duda Mobile website builder.

DudaOne helps you to import your entire old website database to the new and wonderful WordPress website template.

Features of Duda Mobile Website Builder

  • User-personalized functionality of the plugin
  • Drag and Drop editor for fast navigation
  • Good looking website’s mobile theme
  • Allows banner advertisement for all websites
  • Follows all Google’s top SEO practices

7. iThemes Mobile


iThemes  mobile is a premium WordPress plugin that offers a fantastic mobile platform to all the users accessing with any mobile device. In built themes makes the plugin a very powerful and awesome.

The only disadvantage of the plugin is that it is only available for premium.

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Features of iThemes Mobile plugin

  • Customizable themes, fonts, navigation menus
  • Optimize website with different themes for different platform
  • Supports not only smartphones but also gaming consoles
  • Custom header and footer uploader
  • Starts from $45 to a developer package for $150

8. Any Mobile Theme Switcher


One of the best plugin to deal within WordPress that detects the device used by person to access the website.

Features of Any Mobile Theme Switcher

  • Different themes for different device
  • Detects mobile and mobile browsers of the user
  • Timings to display of mobile theme
  • Functionalities like ‘click to call, W3 total cache, QR–code bookmarking
  • Easy switching between Mobile and Desktop theme

9. WordPress Mobile pack


Mobile pack means to deliver your entire website’s content to different platforms. It’s a plugin to that gives a feeling of mobile app to the users.

Features of WordPress Mobile Pack

  • Intelligent & Responsive user interface
  • Cross-platform user access for more easiness
  • Different themes and covers for mobile site
  • Displays traffic analytics from mobile
  • Different screen modes to toggle between

10. WP Mobile Edition


A plugin a user must try to reconstruct their desktop website to mobile friendly website. Some features of the plugin are wonderful to deal with.

Features of WP Mobile Edition

  • Automated detection of Smartphones and browsers
  • Switching capability between mobile view and desktop view
  • Very friendly functions like AdSense, social links, shortcodes
  • Well optimized for Android, iOS and other
  • Optimized with SEO and traffic analytics for mobile


After the above post we can conclude that being Mobile Friendly is quite easy, the thing you have to do is to just spend a penny and buy the premium plugins and make your blog mobile friendly.

Its not necessary that on the very first day you buy the plugin, use the free version for some days, months and watch the benefits then go for the paid plugin.

Although there are responsive themes to make your blog mobile compatible but the job a plugin does can’t be compared with themes and covers.

In the end I just want to say that if you have any other wonderful WordPress plugin for mobile friendliness then Don’t be shy to mention it into the comments.