It is possible to monitor whats Keywords are your competitors using to rank and dominate in the SERP’s and If you are trying to figure out What Keyword to go for?

You could also take a look at your competitors keywords which tells you, which keyword is bringing traffic as well as other interesting details that can help your SEO campaign also.

So, its very easy to find them, the all you have do is use such tool for spying your competitors Keywords and many more which are effective in many field and aspect.


There are several tools to find competitor’s Keywords and also remember not to go for premium tools which I think is throwing money down the drain especially when you are a beginner and just starting out the blogging.

In this post I’d scratch out some tools which would help you to check your competitors keywords. Now ladies and gentlemen, let me share my best tools with you.

Check Your Competitor’s Keywords by Using such Tools

1. Google Adwords Keyword tool


This service allows you to easily analyze keywords and the amount of traffic generated by those keywords. It also allows you to narrow down your search by including URL’s and specific categories.

You can use Google Adwords Keyword tool to estimate how much your competition is paying per click for their ads and for using this tool you have to sign in first.

2. Alexa


Its a free service that will help you analyze traffic on your competitors stores(website) where you can track keywords, observe ranks, number of sites linking, audience insight, average site load time and many more.

You can go really deep with Alexa and it is also have extensions available for Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox.

3. Open Site Explorer


Open Site Explorer which is powered by the MOZ, and also have a nice option to find your competitors keywords. Once you are logged in to SEO Moz you have to access this well.

To use this tool for keyword ideas, enter the competitor’s URL and go to the Anchor Text Distribution tab and it will show you 20 keywords that your competitors uses for Anchor text when link building.

4. Keywords Spy


Keywords Spy is a premium tool but you can use it for 30 days as a trial, it is more complex and loaded with multi features.

You can able to find keywords that your competitors are trying to rank, misspellings and pay per click ads that your competitors are using. Just test this if you like it, then purchase.

5. Semrush


It is not much typical tool, it offers more than researching keyword. You can get detailed analysis of any website and what keyword they are ranking for? It is also a nice option for searching competitors keywords.

Including competitors keyword you get also know about Traffic Stats, Search Engine report, Adsense CPC and many more.

6. Keyword Eye


Keyword Eye is also a nice option for the SEO campaign, In this tool you can  visual keyword, content and competitors research tools to help with your PPC and SEO campaign.

Also Monitoring linking Anchor Text  which is main part of this tool.

What We Recommend?

We will not recommend you to choose all tools which are listed above, but stick to one or two tools and Our recommendation to go with Google Keyword Tool, which is very simple tool and every one can use it, no charges at all and also easy for newbie and Second recommendation go for Alexa which is also a good tool and you don’t get confused in it, easy to optimize other websites keyword, loaded with multi features and function.

Take a look for all of these list which I mentioned above and decide what gives you benefit in the field of SEO Campaign.

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